Determine Giving & Payment Options

Questions to answer when beginning your implementation of MinistryPlatform:

  1. Do you plan to continue with your current giving provider?
  2. Do you want to use MinistryPlatform's Online Giving and Mission Trip Giving features?
  3. Do you plan to use MinistryPlatform's online event registration and payment features?

Here are some things to consider when answering the above questions. You may be trying to choose between using MinistryPlatform’s standard online giving features, or going with My Well Ministry,, PushPay, or staying with your existing giving option. Please review the sections below to help you make that decision.

Choosing MinistryPlatform’s Giving & Mission Giving Features (uses

  • Giving through MinistryPlatform (MP) uses the MP Giving page and the MP Mission Trip Giving page of MP’s Public Portal. Donors can give via credit card or online check (ACH) on either page. Recurring donations can be created using the Giving page. The user must enter credit card or ACH information one time to set up a recurring gift, but each time for a single gift or registration payment. You will need to get two *new* accounts, one for giving (tax deductible) and one for payments (non-tax-deductible). Think Ministry can guide you on easily getting the new accounts set up.
  • With MP’s Mission Trip Registration, you can require a deposit with registration.
  • If you need text-to-give, MinistryPlatform does not currently provide that feature.
  • Also, MinistryPlatform does not currently offer a phone-app giving platform.  
  • When transacted, the giving and payment information is automatically and immediately available in MinistryPlatform, because you are using the standard MP features.
  • Think Ministry will only be able to configure, test, train, and support the giving and mission trip giving pages of the Portal if you choose the MinistryPlatform features. Said differently, Think Ministry does not support third-party products; you'll need to get support from that company.
  • If you’d like to see a “walk through” of the standard scenarios for transactions related to the MP’s
    Portal (includes video and diagrams), please review this Online Donation and Payment Processing.

Choosing (provided by Process4Change and uses NMI gateways)

  • You will need to get two NMI gateways, one for giving and one for payments.
  • IMPORTANT: When using the integration with MP, you CANNOT MIX payment types.
  • You must use either two NMI gateways or 2 accounts. You cannot use one NMI and one
  • Giving is handled through’s giving page.
  • OnlineGiving.Org will accept credit card or online check (ACH) for giving or mission trip giving. 
  • However, if you use ACH with OnlineGiving.Org, giving, mission trip registration, and mission trip giving through MP's PORTAL can only be through Credit Card. MP's PORTAL will not accept ACH if you are using it through OnlineGiving.Org's giving page.
  • Payments through MP’s PORTAL can also be credit card only. MP's PORTAL will not accept ACH if you are using it through OnlineGiving.Org's giving page.
  • Both one time and recurring giving are available with  Customer must enter credit card information one time for recurring gifts but each time for a single gift or registration payment.  One time gifts or payments can ONLY be made via MP’s PORTAL.  Recurring Giving must be done via
  • Customer can use MP’s mission trip registration with a deposit.
  • Customer can use MP’s mission trip giving features.
  • Text to give is available through
  • Mobile phone app giving is available through
  • All giving or payment transaction information is automatically transferred from to MP through the existing integration.

Choosing Pushpay (uses

  • Customer should start with two new accounts, one for giving and one for payments.  The one for giving can be canceled after Go-Live at the customer’s discretion.
  • Canceling the account for giving means no mission trip giving and no deposits can be taken on mission trip registration.

Important Notes to ensure a smooth deployment and simple bank reconciliation process each month:

  1. Do not recycle (reuse) an existing Authorize.NET or Merchant Accounts used elsewhere in your church or for your current online payment system.
  2. Ensure you enable both Authorize.NET accounts to accept eCheck and that the thresholds for allowed amounts are appropriate for your church.
  3. Ensure you enable the Online Giving/Mission Trip Giving account to accept ARB (Automated Recurring Billing) transactions.  
  4. Ensure your Merchant Account will make deposits to your bank exactly equal to what provides to it. Some merchants will take fees out of each deposit.
  5. MP’s PORTAL will be configured and certified as ready to go live before the end of the project.
  6. If you do not already have a merchant account provider, please initiate the underwriting process now. You should expect to provide the following values to Think Ministry before your first Data Migration occurs:
    1. Online Giving Auth Net Login
    2. Online Giving Auth Net Key
    3. Registrations Auth Net Login
    4. Registrations Auth Net Key

Obtaining Accounts

If you need assistance with acquiring the necessary and merchant accounts, please let your Think Ministry Pre-Implementations Lead or Project Manager know. They will get you connected with our partner to get the account(s) set up quickly and properly.

It's best if you get started on securing the necessary accounts for MinistryPlatform (MP) as early as possible in your project (during pre-implementations). The process can take several weeks so it would be helpful if you could start this now.  We will need your account logins and keys (NOT your user name and password!) by the beginning of week 3 of your Implementation Project, so we can do the necessary setup for week 4 SPoC & System Readiness Training. 

Thank you for starting this process immediately so we will have the necessary account information at the right time for your project. 



Last Modified: 1/3/2020

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