Training Materials

Will there be handouts for each class?

Although it may seem like no training is complete without a set of handouts, there won’t be any with this training. Did you hear the tree outside your window breathe a sigh of relief? :)

Rather than handing you something which may be out of date as soon as it’s printed (and which will probably just sit on a shelf anyway), we prefer to direct people to our ‘living’ Knowledge Base instead of providing handouts that are ‘dead on arrival’. This is an important concept to embrace. The KB is constantly updated by multiple contributors from information provided by the community through the Google Group, as well as from data gathered while researching and resolving support tickets. Additionally, the KB is searchable, while paper is not.

We do encourage people to bring paper and pen to class to take notes, but the trainer will definitely be guiding them frequently during class to find their answers in a KBA (Knowledge Base Article). The more the attendees learn to find their answers in the KB (which is always available, 24/7, anywhere they may be), instead of needing their notes (which may have been left at the office or at home or in the car or eaten by the dog), the better.



Last Modified: 10/24/2017

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