Project Schedule

Before the Schedule discussion begins:

Week 0 — Transfer to Implementation
  • Sales interacts with customer
  • Contracts signed
  • Sales transfers project to Pre-Implementations
  • Customers enters server info and servers are certified
  • Get travel info from customer
  • Determine giving options
  • Team defined (see Implementation Team)
  • Schedule is set, and customer is in Stand By until schedule begins
  • Project Manager assigned
  • Project Readiness Courses built
  • Transfer to Implementations

Schedule begins:

Week 1 — Project Setup & Kick-off
  • Customer completes:
    • Day/time chosen for weekly project call with team
    • Online Directory format (see Online Directory and Customization)
    • info
    • Mailchimp API key - email marketing service (see MailChimp)
    • Envelope printing company & account number
    • Twilio SID, Token, & SMS number (see Text Messaging Tool)
    • Melissa Data CustomerID (see Address Validator)
    • Check-In hardware ordered/delivered, tag printer & label size
    • Check Scanner ordered/delivered
    • Prepares legacy data
    • Pre-course in LMS
    • Learns about MinistryPlatform System Administration
  • TM gives overview of project process with entire team
Week 2 — System, Data, and Contributions Prep
  • TM quality checks MP installation
  • Customer completes:
    • Prepares Check-In Station
    • Prepares BMT Station (with check scanner)
    • Obtains Statement Logo & Footer text
    • Obtains copies of Statements & Rosters
    • Makes data available for Data Migration (DM1)
    • Learns about MinistryPlatform System Personalization & System Configuration
Week 3 — Data Migration 1
  • TM migrates data
  • TM prepares for SPoC & System Readiness
  • Customer completes:
    • Checklist – Are you ready for SSR
    • Learns about Batch Manager Tool Readiness & Check-In Station Readiness
Week 4 — SPoC & System Readiness Training 
  • Customer completes:
    • Team completes coursework on each of 3 days
      • Prepare Your System
      • Moving Off Legacy System
      • Personalize Your System
      • Configuring Your System
      • Configuring Your Batch Manager Tool
      • Configuring Your Check-In Station
      • Portal Readiness
      • Portal Configuration
      • Transferring to Support
    • Team participates in Data Call1
    • Talk with staff about Check-In Name Tags
    • Customer makes data available for DM2
    • On-Site Training Readiness
  • TM holds follow-up calls after each day coursework completed
  • TM notes Statement selection and any necessary tweaks
Week 5 — Data Migration 2
  • TM migrates data
  • Customer reminds entire staff of the importance of attending training
  • Customer creates their nametags in Check-In Suite
  • Optional: Customer builds custom check-in theme
Week 6 — On-Site Training 
  • TM on-site trainer trains Customer’s entire staff
  • Customer attends two 1-hour remote training sessions
  • Test print nametags again if necessary
  • TM Support teaches SPoC's how to be good support ticket writers
Week 7 — Cutover
  • Customer completes:
    • Practice Your Steps
    • Chain of Command (multi-site)
    • Go-Live Readiness
  • Customer prepares for Cutover & Go Live
  • Customer reminds staff Tuesday cutover, Wednesday data check
  • Customer plans/trains Check-In volunteers
  • Customer plans how to handle recurring giving during Cutover/Go-Live
  • Customer legacy permits to read-only
  • TM performs cutover
  • Customer check data, give all-clear
  • Customer prepares events and groups for weekend check-in, maps groups to nametags
  • Customer tests all check-in stations
Week 8 — Go Live & Portal Ready
  • TM Go Live Support assists Customer Weekend Check-In
  • TM Go Live Support assists Customer Monday contribution processing
  • TM Go Live Support assists Customer Tuesday follow-up & event reg
  • Customer can release portal for 1st time Tuesday
Week 9 — Project Wrap-up and Complete
  • Final weekly call
  • Customer graduates Implementation
  • TM invites Customer to google group

Last Modified: 6/13/2018

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