SPoC & System Readiness

SPoC & System Readiness is training and system configuration for your Implementation Team (only) on your MP system. The team completes 4-5 hours of courses on each of 3 days, followed up by a 30-minute call with the trainer to ask any questions that might have come up during that day’s courses. Since these courses are online, of course, it is possible for each participant to complete the course separately, but we strongly recommend scheduling time together, in the same room, for the team to complete the coursework so that any “churchy” decisions that might come up during this training can be decided on by the team at the time.

Day 1

  • What to Expect
  • System Administration (records & concepts, search, select, sort, user groups, advanced search, change password, users, security roles 1&2, special user records, impersonating, messages, tasks, bookmarks)
  • For churches coming from Shelby - Shelby data mapping
  • System Personalization (preliminary info on congregations, ministries, and programs)

Day 2

  • System Personalization (balance of congregations, ministries, programs, roster & statement selection, accounting companies info, statement headers, communications, participant types, selected contact demographics – pie charts, selected photo report
  • System Configuration (platform configuration settings, core management tool, processes)
  • BMT & Check Scanner Readiness
  • Check-In Station Readiness

Day 3

  • Portal Readiness
  • Portal Configuration
  • Portal Configuration Checklist


Your TM Project Manager will send you calendar invitations for the 30-minute follow-up calls which occur after each day’s courses are completed. 

Also, during SSR week, we schedule a meeting with your team and the TM Data Migration Lead to discuss any issues with your data, now that you’ve seen it in your MP installation.  This meeting typically takes places just after the Day 1 or the Day 2 follow-up call.


Last Modified: 12/17/2018

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