User Congregations

The User Congregation record is found under the System Setup folder.

From here you can add, remove or update the permitted Congregation(s) for the User to see only records for that Congregation if views and filtered pages have been configured to honor User Congregations. If no Congregations are specified, all Congregations will be available to the User.

A primary use of this feature is related to the Batch Manager Tool. See this KB for details

Previously, User Congregations was also a sub-page called "Congregations Allowed" on the User record. However, with the addition of the Global Filter features in the Winter 2019 Platform release, the "Congregations Allowed" sub-page was removed. Functionality currently remains and can be managed from the User Congregations page. Eventually, the User Congregations table will be fully replaced by the Global Filter features. If you have not previously set up User Congregations, we recommend that you do not and instead leverage Global Filters.

Last Modified: 3/19/2019

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