Browser Issues

Think Ministry applications are supported on the following browsers:
> Latest version of Google Chrome
> Latest version of Mozilla Firefox (regular, not ESR)
> Latest version of Microsoft Edge
> Latest version of Macintosh Safari

Browser Zoom

Sometimes when a browser is not set to be at 100% certain elements (buttons, scroll bars, etc) are hidden. To fix this hit "Ctrl" and "-" until the elements reappear.

Force Refresh

Sometimes a forced refresh is necessary to clear up issues in your browser.

  • Wikipedia — Bypass your cache
  • Most PC Browsers — Ctrl + F5
  • Apple Safari — Shift + Reload (toolbar button)
  • Other Mac Browsers — Cmd + Shift + R

Clear Your Cache

Sometimes clearing your cache is necessary to clear up issues in your browser.

Local Storage

MinistryPlatform uses browser Local Storage to keep track of decisions Users have made, such as order and width of columns, sort order, etc. Sometimes this information can become corrupted or out-of-sync with the Platform and needs to be purged.

Users are able to rearrange columns, change sort order and modify column width on pages inside MinistryPlatform. If they need to reset their pages back to the default, these steps can also be used to accomplish that task. It's important to note, however, that following these steps clears ALL of their custom settings across ALL pages in the Platform. The customizations cannot be cleared on a page-by-page basis.

Clearing Local Storage In Chrome

The following steps may be used in Chrome to clear Local Storage for MinistryPlatform.

1. Open Browser Settings

2. Open Content Settings

Scroll down to Privacy and click the Content settings button.

3. Open All cookies and site data

4. Clear Local storage for MinistryPlatform
  • In the search box (top right) enter part of your platform domain.
  • Select the site from the list.
  • Click Local storage button.
  • Click Remove.

Clearing Local Storage in Firefox

The following steps may be used to clear Local Storage in Firefox for MinistryPlatform,

1. Open the Console

Hit {F12} on your keyboard to open the Console.

2. Open the Toolbox Options 

3. Show the Storage Inspector in the Toolbox

In the "Default Firefox Developer Tools" list, find "Storage".

4. Open Storage Inspector

5. Expand Local Storage and select the address for MinistryPlatform

6. Delete Storage

Right-click the address for MinistryPlatform and select Delete All.

You can also do the same for Cache Storage and Cookies.


Last Modified: 4/16/2019

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