Creating Deposits from Batches

Here is the process to create a Deposit from one or more Batches. It's helpful to have your bank deposit slips handy as you complete this process: 
  1. Go to Stewardship > Batches.
  2. Make sure you have 0 Selected on the Batches page.
  3. Select one or more Batches to become part of a single Deposit to your bank.
  4. Click Reports > Create Deposit from Selected Batches: 
    • Populate the Deposit Date.
    • Click View Report.
    • Review the on-screen report. If the total of selected Batches matches the Deposit Total, click the Create this Deposit link on the report.
    • Close the report.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 as needed for all Deposits to be created. You know you're done when the Ready To Deposit view on the Batches page is empty.
  6. Go to Stewardship > Deposits to print Deposit reports and/or export the information to your accounting system.

If desired, you can manually add an Account Number to the Deposit record by clicking Edit, adding the desired value in the Account Number field and clicking Save. When you use the Create Deposits from Selected Batches report to create Deposits, this value is set as 0. This value is a way to record which bank account on the GL a particular deposit was settled into and is for your internal purposes (like views) as is not used by standard reports.


Last Modified: 3/31/2018

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