Non-Cash Donations

If you receive a non-cash donation such as a vehicle or stock gift, you can add the Donation using the Batch Manager Tool. For manual entry in MinistryPlatform follow the steps below. Per IRS regulations, non-cash assets should not be designated with a value on a contribution statement, thus all non-cash donations will appear as a 0.00 entry on the Donor statement even if you apply a value to the Donation. Applying a value is necessary for it to offset a Pledge balance and for internal reporting. If desired, an organization may enter a note on the Donation about what was given (e.g. 10 shares of ABC stock). 

Asset Donation Entry

  1. Go to Stewardship > Donations and create a Donation record with the Payment Type of Non-Cash/Asset.
  2. Create a Donation Distribution and assign the gift to the desired Program.
  3. Enter a description of the property donated in the Donation record's Notes field.
  4. Enter a value, if desired. Non-Cash/Asset Payment Type are set to Omit Amount on Statement = True (this cannot be modified), thus, non-cash gifts listed on a Statement appear with no dollar value and won't affect the overall giving total. You might want to enter the value if you needed to offset a Pledge.
  5. Since this item doesn't need to flow through to your accounting system, you can put it in a Batch by itself. You can then create a Deposit for that Batch and manually edit the Deposit record (on the Deposits page):
    • Set Exported to Yes.
    • If desired, add a note in the Deposit record's Notes file explaining why you did not actually export it.

Generating a Letter

On Stewardship > Donations, select the Donation record and click Reports > Selected Donation Letter to create a letter for the Donor. The template for your letter can be configured in Communications > Letters.

Last Modified: 8/22/2018

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