System Lookups

The System Lookups section of the Setup Area allows administrators to add values to specific menus throughout the platform. Predefined values such as Relationship Types, Occupations, or facility Location types can all be edited or added to from this area.
A user is given access to System Lookups by having the Setup Admin field set to Yes on their User record.
Always consult your SPoC before adding System Lookup values. The delete button is purposefully not present in the System Lookup pages. Please do not delete any records from the System Lookup pages. Never edit System Lookup values without first consulting Support. If you want to hide some of the values in a System Lookup page from users, consider using a view to filter out the unwanted values and using that as your default view and picklist on the Page record.
Alphabetical Listing of all System Lookup Pages:
  • Account Types
  • Action Statuses
  • Batch Entry Types
  • Campaign Types
  • Care Outcomes
  • Communication Statuses
  • Contact Statuses - Do not edit or delete these values, as they are used throughout the system in various ways
  • Currencies
  • Equipment Types
  • Feedback Types
  • Field types
  • Follow-Up Actions
  • Genders
  • Group Role Directions
  • Group Role Intensities 
  • Group Role Types
  • Household Positions - Do not edit or delete these values, as they are used throughout the system in various ways
    • 1 = Head of Household
    • 2 = Minor Child (supports Parent tokens in CIS)
    • 3 = Other Adult
    • 4 = Adult Child
    • 5 = Guest Child (supports Parent tokens in CIS)
    • 6 = Company
  • Household Types
  • Identity Provider Types
  • Industries
  • Invoice Statuses
  • Item Priorities
  • Item Statuses - deprecated
  • Location Types
  • Marital Statuses - Do not delete these values.
  • Meeting Days
  • Occupations
  • Participation Statuses
  • Payment Types
  • Perspectives
  • Pledge Statuses
  • Prefixes
  • Process Statuses - deprecated
  • Process Step Types
  • Process Submission Statuses
  • Program Types
  • Relationships
  • Response Results
  • Requests Statuses
  • Room Usage Types
  • Statement Frequencies
  • Statement Methods
  • Statement Types
  • Suffixes
  • Suggestion Types
  • Time Off Types
  • Visibility Levels  

Last Modified: 2/4/2020

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