Email Quotas

Each user has a maximum amount of Messages they can send at one time. If a user attempts to send a Message to more people than they're allowed, the following pop-up appears:


Updating a User's Email Quota

Email quota is determined by Security Roles, which SPoCs control and can update. The number of emails a User can send is equal to the maximum quota for the Roles they have.

To update an Email Quota, open the desired Security Role and update the Mass Email Quota field. When doing so, note:

  • As of Spring 2016, the current limit for an Email Quota is approximately 32,000. This limit may change in a future Platform release.
  • The system honors the Email Quota of the user logged in even if they are sending an email on behalf of someone else who has a different Email Quota (e.g., if a user with 2,000 quota sends on behalf of someone with a 500 quota, the system honors the 2,000 quota of the person logged in).

To see the Email quotas for all users, use the Email Quota Max View on the Users page.


Last Modified: 5/5/2018

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