System Administration - From the Trenches

MinistryPlatform is flexible, and there are several different ways to approach a topic. Here are examples of how some churches in our community handle this topic. Adapt MinistryPlatform's functionality and these ideas to fit your ministry context.

Administrative & Stewardship User Rights

At least two of our churches follow the guidelines below:

  • 3 active admins/the SPoCS who have full rights to the database.
  • A few staff and a few volunteers may do database updates, but the majority of the "heavy lifting" is done by one of the SPoCS.
  • The finance team (sometimes including volunteers) count and sort the "stacks".
  • Finance staff members scan and process the donations in MP and the financial software.
  • Finance staff process payments. 
  • Finance staff process, run and handle all contributions statements. (Sometimes those volunteers who count and stack will help with contribution statements.)

Hiding Unused Records in Pick Lists

Often there are Groups, Ministries, Event Types, Programs and other records that need to be kept for historical value, but are no longer used in the day-to-day operations of the church. Here are the steps provided by one church to do this:

  1. Add an X or other consistent value to the records that you want to hide from your users.
  2. Create a custom view on the page that the pick list comes from (such as Participant Types) that hides the records that you do not want users to see.
  3. Go to System Setup > Pages and change the default view and pick list view to the view you just created. Click Save.

Create a directory of page sections

Using the Page Section Pages page, use the export button to create a document for reference for users or yourself of what pages live in which sections.

Last Modified: 4/2/2018

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