Security Roles


  • Security Roles store permissions and restrictions and can be applied to users. A user’s permissions (or rights) are based on the cumulative effect of their Security Roles.
  • Security Roles can be accessed by going to Administration > Security Roles.
  • By default, the ability to delete a Security Role entirely from MinistryPlatform is hidden from all users. If you wish to remove a one or more security roles from a user, please select that record on the User Security Roles page and delete those records (and not the Security Role itself).
  • To find out what rights a Security Role allows on each page, open the role and review what the role grants. 
  • There are many Security Roles that are included in the deployment of MinistryPlatform.
  • For Security Role best practices, see this webinar.

Last Modified: 12/13/2019

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