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MinistryPlatform is flexible, and there are several different ways to approach a topic. Here are examples of how some churches in our community handle this topic. Adapt MinistryPlatform's functionality and these ideas to fit your ministry context.
Creating Advanced Searches based on dynamic date ranges.
Purpose of View: Find all records within a certain date range that is based upon today's date.
Start Page: Event Participants
To filter on the date, use the command getdate(), which essentially means 'today.'
getdate()-7 means 7 days ago
Start_Date > getdate()-7 means a date within the past 7 days

Creating an Advanced Search that is user-aware.
Purpose of View: Only show records that are specific to the user who is logged in
Start Page: Event Participants
Find the foreign key that links to the User Record, and make it equal to dp_UserID

Monitoring which Security Roles have Delete Rights
Purpose of View: Find all Security Roles which have delete rights of any kind
Start Page: Security Roles
Using View Notifications
  • Send a view notification every day while a ministry is accepting ministry applications showing applications that have come in the last 72 hours.
  • Send a view notification to the childcare director of how many children have signed up for upcoming events
  • Send a view notification to a data specialist of anyone whose name has changed in the system to determine if the change was made in error
  • Send a view notification to the finance director of the week's giving totals

Last Modified: 4/3/2018

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