MobileTools is one of the MinistryPlatform solution for mobile devices. This application is now a standard part of our software package for new churches. At one point it was optional, so, if you are not sure if you have MobileTools a SPoC can contact Support.


  • MobileTools is a responsive web application
  • Person Lookup – a complete replacement for mpMobile:
    • This tool allows you to look up people in your system on the go.
  • Care Cases – a feature that allows the creation and tracking of Congregation Care items by extending the Household Care Log:
    • You can track and assign hospital visitation, new mother care, extended care, etc.
  • Giving Dashboard – dashboard to the finance types to see the offering.
    • This data visualization compares the current year giving data to the previous year.
    • Additionally, it shows some breakdown data on giving units and new givers.
  • Group Manager – tool for small group leaders to engage with their group members:
    • From one interface Group Leaders can see who is in their group, add people, remove people, see group prayer requests and see care requests.
    • Group Leaders can send email and text messages and record attendance.

Video Topics: MobileTools

0:44 - System Updates
1:43 - Person Lookup
3:42 - Giving Dashboard
4:40 - Groups Manager
8:18 - Care Cases

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Last Modified: 6/6/2019

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