Mobile Tools FAQ

Q1: Why is the "Show Group Map" option not displaying the group's addresses or there are no maps on the Person Lookup?
The app needs a Google Maps API key. To obtain a key for your organization, follow the instructions here noting Google's Usage Limits for details on usage circumstances, allowances, etc. Then, place the Google Maps API key value in the COMMON,GoogleMapsAPIKey Configuration Setting.
Q2: Is there an email limit as to how many may be sent if you are sending to a group in MP?
There are no limits to emailing a Group. The assumption is that if you are the leader, you can email your group no matter the size.  

Q3: Is there a limit to how many recipients a text message can be sent to?
Currently, MobileTools is limited to the payload the database can handle, which is about 4MB.

Q4: How do Care Cases get assigned?
Care Case entries made in MobileTools are logged in the Platform on the Household Care Log page. This is where Care Cases would be assigned.  If desired, a Process could be created to help manage this. For example, a Process that notifies the appropriate staff person that a Care Case has been submitted and needs to be assigned.

Q5: If a group leader has only the security role of Large Groups, can they view any more details about group members other than their contact information?
No, to be able to view prayer requests and other information regarding a group member, they would need to have the Person Lookup security role.  Be aware, however, that this would give that person access to all Contact records in the database.

Q6: If a group leader has only the security role of Large Groups, why does the Prayer Request link still appear in the navigation bar?
Visibility to the Prayer link is part of MobileTools rights. It will always be there for any user with MobileTools access. Those with the Prayer Supervisor role will have additional features on the page.

Q7: How do I update an email template in Mobile Tools?
You can update an email template by going to Mobile Tools > Admin Tools > Template Editor.

Q8: How do I need to configure Mobile Tools to be able to send email?
You can configure Mobile Tools to send email by going to Mobile Tools > Admin Tools > System Settings > Email Configuration.  Note: The inability to add members to groups may occur if email settings are not configured properly in MobileTools. 

Q9: Can group members see details about other members in the group?
No, only a Participant with the role of Group Leader (or the Primary Contact) with the Large Groups security role can view other members in the group.

Q10: Does attendance taken in Mobile Tools show in the Platform?
Yes.  MobileTools and Portal My Group attendance are both noted in the Notes field of the Event Participant record.

Q11: When I'm logged into mobile tools, and I go to group manager, I do not have an option to send email to group. What do I need to do?
You will need to update MobileTools with your Email Configuration in order for the Send Email option to be available.

Q12: Where can I find a map of a person's address?

  1. Go to MobileTools > Person Lookup
  2. Lookup the desired person
  3. Select the person
  4. Scroll to the map at bottom
  5. Click Open Map

Q13: How do we receive MobileTools updates?
MobileTools is updated by Think Ministry like any other application. You can always see what version of MobileTools you're on by going to Admin Tools > System Update.

Q14: How are we billed for MobileTools?
You would see a one-time license fee, which is added to your invoice after MobileTools is installed. You would then see a monthly fee for MobileTools maintenance included on your quarterly invoices.

Q15: Is there a way to limit Group Managers' ability to add/remove people from their group?
There is no Security Role for Group Managers that restricts the ability to add/remove people from their group.

Q16: What happens if a Group Manager adds someone to their group who isn't already in the MinistryPlatform?
If a Group Manager adds someone to a group who is not already in the MP, a new record will be created for them. There is not a way to limit additions to the group to only people already in MP.

Q17: Is there a way to specify the Default Program used when a Group Leader creates an Event through Mobile Tools Groups Manager?
Mobile Tools is using the Default Program Configuration Setting from the Portal.  Updating this Configuration Setting will change the Program used for Events created from the Portal My Groups and the Mobile Tools Groups Manger.

Q18: Can I use multiple Twilio accounts or numbers with Mobile tools?
No, not at this time. You can, however, have one Twilio account/number for the Platform and one account for Mobile tools. Update the Mobile tools information either in the Mobile tools Settings area or in the configuration settings page of MinistryPlatform. If you chose to have two Twilio accounts MP Mobile will use the one set in the Platform. Note: It is not necessary to have two Twilio accounts, both Mobile Tools and the Platform can use the same one. It is not recommended however to use a Twilio account that is already in use with a 3rd party app. 

Q19: What role is needed for a Group Participant to be able to manage a group using Mobile Tools Group Manager?
The Participant must be either the Group Contact on the Group record or have the role of "Group Leader" or "Large Groups" in order to manage the group. As a group manager, they will be able to take attendance, add or remove people, and send emails and text messages. Group must have "Available Online" = True. See Group Visibility 

Q20: We have a Group Leader who has the Large Group Manager Security Role, but still cannot see his group online.  What are we missing?
Be sure that Available Online is set to Yes for the Group.

Q21: Is there a way to impersonate a Mobile Tools User?
No, there is not a way to impersonate a MobileTools User like there is for Platform or Portal Users.

Q22: What does the Enable Discussion field on Groups do?
The field was created as an experimental feature and isn't currently a production feature.

Q23: In Person Lookup, what criteria does the system use to organize groups into Small Groups, Ministry Teams and Other Groups?
MobileTools looks at the Group Typesetting: the Small Group section captures Group_Type_ID = 1, the Ministry Teams section captures Group_Type_ID = 2, and Other Groups captures everything else.

Q24: Which Groups appear on the Person lookup page?
Any Group with "Available online-True" will appear on a Person's details.

Q25: Why does a group's meeting (Event) appear on the portal's "My Groups" calendar, but not in Mobile Tools?
If you are using an Event Group to relate the Group to the Event (rather than Program Groups) then there must be at least one Participant in the Event for the Event to show in Mobile Tools for attendance tracking. Adding a group leader as "02 - Registered" will meet this requirement.

Q26: My Group Leaders emails are not going through; what should I do?
Ensure that your "Proxy email address" field in the Mobile Tools Admin area is filled in. This is the email "from" address used when a group leader has an email at a different domain than your church's. All responses will still go to the group leader. 

Q27: Is the MP Mobile app the same as MobileTools?
No; they are not the same, nor will they become the same. The MP Mobile app is an app that you download on your phone or device. MobileTools is a website. Both are different UIs in which you can interact with your MinistryPlatform data. Over time, we will continue to develop and add features to the MP Mobile app and the Portal (with the intent of phasing out MobileTools eventually). But, the MP Mobile app is not intended to be a one-for-one-exact-replacement of MobileTools.

Q28: Can we change the logo for Mobile Tools?
No, this is not advisable as the logo will be reset every time the application is updated.

Q29: How do I disable an auto-login link I have already sent out? 
See Reset User Security

Q30: How do we see a change made in the Platform reflected in MobileTools?
Log out and back into MobileTools to see the Platform changes reflected immediately.

Q31: Where are emails stored in MinistryPlatform that were sent from MobileTools?
Emails sent from Mobile Tools are not stored in the database or visible in the platform.


Last Modified: 4/17/2019

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