Group Manager

Group Visibility

Primary Contacts and Leaders of Groups can manage their Groups from Mobile Tools if the Group is marked as Available Online=True. For these Users, Groups with less than 50 people don't require a Security Role. Groups of 50 or more require the Large Groups Security Role. Note: To refresh your Groups Manager data, you will need to log out of Mobile Tools and log back in.

From Group Manager, someone who is a Group Primary Contact or has a Group Role Type of Leader in the Group can:

  • See Group details
  • See Group Participant details for all active members
  • From the Action menu:
    • Send a Group email to all current active members
    • Send a Group text to all current active members
    • Add a Group member
    • See a Group map
    • See Group Care Cases (if Care Cases are set to Share with Group Leaders = True)
  • Record/View Attendance
  • Add a Prayer Request for active members (see Prayer for more information)

Record/View Attendance

Group Events are sorted in reverse chronological order when posting attendance. Each Group member's person card includes their picture for quick identification. An Event will show if it is related to the Group directly (Event-Group) or related via Program group where the field for "Ignore Program Groups" is set to False, and the Event Start Date is within the next 24 hours.

To post attendance:

  1. Click Record/View Attendance.
  2. Select the desired Event (or select Create New Record).
  3. Click the present Group Members. Once selected, the Group Member will be highlighted green.
  4. If needed, click again to un-select a Group Member.

Attendance is recorded/saved in real time in the Platform.

The leader can return to the Event using the same steps above to review or modify attendance.

View Group Care

Care Cases shown here are determined by the Care Case record bit field: "Share with Group Leaders". Set to False for the Care Case not to appear in MobileTools Group Manager.

Notes about Group Emails

When emails are sent by a Group manager to a Group, Group members are BCCed for email privacy.

Emails are not stored in the database or visible in the platform.

Some email services may reject emails where the sender's domain doesn't match the organization's domain (e.g., if a volunteer with a email address uses the Send Email option). As such, it's recommended that a SPoC setup the proxy email feature which sets a standard From email address but still allows all replies to go to the original sender's email address.

To setup the proxy email, see Avoiding SPAM Filters

Attendance Reminder

You can configure an Attendance Reminder email to prompt leaders to post attendance via MobileTools. See Group Attendance Notification for details.

Video Topics: Taking Attendance from Mobile Tools

0:26 - Finding Your Group
0:47 - Record/View Attendance for an Existing Event
1:17 - Editing Attendance
1:32 - Recording Attendance for a New Event
1:53 - Viewing Attendance Records in the Platform

When taking attendance, you have the option to Select All or Select None to make selecting the desired Group members to post attendance for faster and easier.

When opening this form for attendance, all active Group Members are listed. If the member has an Event Participant record for this Event with a status other than Cancelled, the checkbox for that member is checked. This facilitates quick attendance by providing a likely list of attendees.

If the Event is associated with the Group via a Program Group, once attendance is taken via Mobile Tools, the Platform will create an Event Group record associating the Event and the Group.

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Last Modified: 2/4/2020

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