Basic Navigation

MobileTools uses a very popular responsive web design to allow the user interface to run across a wide range of devices. The main user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. User-related functions are top right menu options are on the left. There are notifications and various widgets that show up on the home page depending on your access rights and data assigned to you. In the Mobile view, some of these items are hidden or moved to make the screen work on a smaller device.

Action Menu

In addition to the main layout, there are many places in MobileTools where you can take actions that are context-aware. The Action menu is found any place where you should be able to take Action.


MobileTools has several tight integrations with Google Maps and Bing for both geocoding and mapping. If you have configured your Platform level BingAPIKey, then MobileTools will map any and all addresses that are geocoded. This allows you to see maps on Contacts, Groups, etc. The maps are a true Google map and allows panning, zooming and interaction. (To geocode your addresses, create a selection and use the Map My Selection Tool. It will automatically add the geocode information to the address records for you!)

Tip: If you are on a mobile device you can use the Open Map button to launch the mobile devices onboard maps application and get turn by turn directions.


MobileTools uses faces wherever possible.

Tip: For the best experience with MobileTools, try to breed a culture of adding people’s pictures. This creates a tighter connection and better user experience!

Last Modified: 4/4/2018

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