MobileTools - Winter 2016

Person Lookup
  • Fixed a rare issue that prevent pictures from showing up if the Platform has a filtered page on Contacts.    
  • Fixed an issue where Contacts with multiple picture files returned as multiple contacts on Person Lookup.
  • Person Lookup has been enhanced to sort results by Lastname, Nickname.
Care Cases
  • Fixed issue where Care Case History was not sorting items correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a MobileTools User without the Care Case Security Role could not add a Care Case.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not correctly navigate back to a Care Case after sending an email.    
  • The default sort on Care Cases has been enhanced to be by name and not location.    
  • Several Care Case pages have been enhanced to include the person's name for context.
  • Care Case Filters have been enhanced to be "sticky" and will remain active after opening/closing one record.  
  • Care Case History has been enhanced with default sorting of reverse chronological order. 
  • *New* Added New Filters and Widgets to the Care Cases page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Giving Dashboard required Admin rights. Now it correctly honors the MobileTools-GivingDashboard security role.
Group Manager
  • Fixed a visual issue where checkbox overlapped with name on some screens.  
  • Fixed an issue where attendance data posted in MobileTools was updating in the Platform by not inside MobileTools.    
  • Fixed an issue where Group Events where not properly sorted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Default Group Role was not being honored and applied when adding new people to a group.    
  • Fixed an issue where 'Remove from Group' would cause an error.  
  • Fixed an issue where having no group members selected would hang the group attendance feature. 
  • The Attendance Graph has been removed from Group Attendance.
  • Group Events have been enhanced to be sorted in reverse chronological order for posting attendance.    
  • Groups Manager has been enhanced to honor the Available_Online field. If Available_Online is not set to True, then the group will be unavailable for Group Manager.    
  • *New* Added 'Date Last Attended' to each person card in Group Manager. 
  • *New* Large Group Security Role: (formerly known as Mobile Tools-Groups Manager) This role is for those who will manage groups larger than 50 people. All other small group leaders can manage their groups with no security role required (if Group is available on MobileTools).    
  • Unapproved Prayer enhanced to limit loading to the Top 50 for increased page load speed. 
General Enhancements
  • *New* Added Back Buttons to most major areas of MobileTools allowing quick additions of Prayer / Care and then a return path to the person or group you started from.
  • The manual for Mobile Tools has been enhanced and can now be found in this section (multiple pages) of the KnowledgeBase.

Last Modified: 4/4/2018

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