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As of May 31, 2019, we have removed MP Mobile for Android from Google Play. If you already have it downloaded on your phone, it will continue to be available to you. MP Mobile continues to be available for current and new devices iOS devices in the App Store.

We are working towards an exciting Next Generation Platform that will be mobile friendly and replace MP Mobile, provide more functionality and work across all devices to help your staff team get ministry done! More details to come at MPUG 2021!

Q1: Does MP Mobile cost Users anything to use?
MP Mobile is included in your MinistryPlatform suite of applications without additional cost. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store. Message & data rates may apply.

Q2: Does MP Mobile cost our church anything to use?
MP Mobile is available to all churches at no additional cost. Any MP Mobile user will need at least read-level access to the corresponding page in MP Mobile. Thus, any MP Mobile user will need at least one security role. This user will then count as part of your monthly user quota. 

Q3: Can I see other MP records, like Care Cases, in MP Mobile?
We plan to continue to add functionality to MP Mobile over time for key areas like Care Cases. If a certain key area would be a valuable addition for your ministry, please have a SPoC email Suggestions with your request.

Q5: How does MP Mobile access our MinistryPlatform data?
The MP Mobile app accesses your MP data using the API. The User logging into the app must have authorization to access Platform data via a Platform Security Role.

Q6: Is the MP Mobile app the same as MobileTools?
No; they are not the same, nor will they become the same. The MP Mobile app is an app that you download on your phone or device. MobileTools is a website. Both are different UIs in which you can interact with your MinistryPlatform data. Over time, we will continue to develop and add features to the MP Mobile app and the Portal (with the intent of phasing out MobileTools eventually). But, the MP Mobile app is not intended to be a one-for-one-exact-replacement of MobileTools.

Q6: What views can I see on the MP Mobile app?
Currently, only the portrait view is available for Android devices. 




Last Modified: 5/30/2019

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