Logging In and Out of Android MPMobile


Logging In

To log into MP Mobile:

  1. Tap to open the app.
  2. Enter your MP URL.
    • MP URL is based on the URL to connect to your church's MP database. For example:
      • If your Platform URL is: https://my.church.org/ministryplatform
      • Then, your MP URL is: my.church.org
      • As you type, you may see other churches names, this is expected, please choose yours.
    • If you are unsure, please see a SPoC to obtain your church's MP URL.
    • If your MP URL is not available to be selected, your church is not yet configured to use MP Mobile.
  3. Enter your Username.
  4. Enter your Password.
  5. Tap Login.

Your login credentials will be retained between uses of the app until you tap Logout.

Remember: MinistryPlatform is *one* database to rule them all! So, your username and password for the app are the same as your username and password for the Platform, Portal, Check In, etc.

Logging Out

To logout of MP Mobile:

  1. Click on the Menu icon in the top left corner of the app.
  2. Choose Log Out.

Forgot Password

If you forget your password:

  1. Visit your church's Portal (e.g. https://my.church.org/portal).
  2. Click Login.
  3. Click Reset Account.
  4. Enter your email.
  5. Click Reset Password.
  6. Check your inbox for a reset password link and instructions. 

Not Registered

To login into MP Mobile, you must have a MinistryPlatform username and password with a Security Role granting appropriate page permissions. If you need a username and password and/or a Security Role, please see a SPoC.


Last Modified: 2/14/2019

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