Groups - Person Lookup in Android MPMobile

Upon opening a Contact record in MP Mobile, you can see Group information (if available) by tapping the Groups pane. From the Groups pane you will see Groups the Contact is a current or future participant in.

  • Group Type 
    • Only Groups with a Group Type with Show on MP Mobile = True will be displayed.
    • Groups may be filtered via the Group Type drop-down, the default is to show all Groups. 
  • List of Groups
    • Group Name
    • Group Role

To see details about Group participation, simply tap the desired Group from the list to see (if available):

  • Description of the Group
  • Date of last recorded attendance
  • Name of Group Leader (Primary Contact listed on the Group record)
  • Email the Group Leader option

Email Group Leader

  1. Tap the Email Group Leader button.
  2. Enter a Subject.
  3. Enter your email content.
  4. Tap the Send Icon.
    • Emails are sent from MP Mobile via the Platform, not your mobile device.
    • The email will be sent to the email address on the Contact record in the Platform set as this Group's Primary Contact.
    • The email received will be "from" the email address on your Contact record in the Platform associated with your User account.
    • Replies to the email will come to the email address on your Contact record in the Platform associated with your User account. Replies are not logged in the Platform.
  5. The Contact Log record created in the Platform will appear. The Contact Log Notes field will say "Sent email" but will not include the contents of the email. The Contact Log Type will be E-mail (ID 5).
  6. Optional: Make any edits or additions desired. Tap the Save icon to save changes.



Last Modified: 10/29/2018

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