Creating Portal User Accounts


  • Anyone can visit the login page of the Portal to create an account (if desired, this functionality can be disabled).
  • The first time an individual visits the login page:
    • They are asked to provide their first and last names, email address and phone number. If all of the information provided matches an existing Contact record, the User record automatically matches with the existing Contact record. If the information provided does not match an existing Contact record, the User record matches with a newly-created Contact record. The matching criteria looks at both the Home Phone and Mobile Phone fields in the Platform, as well as the First Name and Nickname fields.
    • When they click Create Account, they receive an email with a link and temporary password to complete the account creation process.
  • If an individual attempts to create a new account but they already have one, they are directed to the Reset Password process.
  • If the Create Account or Reset Password emails are not received by Portal Users see Q12 of the Portal FAQ
  • The account creation process will create (if no record exists) a Contact, Household and User record.

Alternate Account Creation Options

Aside from the account creation process on the Portal, users with access to the Platform can facilitate user accounts as follows:

  • You can provide access via snippets in the New Message Tool,
  • A SPoC can create a User account by going to Administration > Users > create new record with the desired individual's information (including a temporary username and password). Then, give the login information and URL to your Portal's login page to the individual.

Seeing who created/accessed Portal accounts

Anyone with access to any part of MinistryPlatform (including the Portal) has a User record in Administration > Users. SPoCs are not automatically emailed when someone creates or accesses their Portal account, but the Platform does provide some information on if/when someone created or accessed their Portal account.

  • On the Users page, the View: User Activity lists last login date, first login date, number of distinct logins and number of security roles (this shows any MinistryPlatform activity, including access to the Portal, Platform, Check-in, etc.).
  • On the Contacts page, the view "Portal: New Donor Account" lists user accounts created in the past 90 days through the Portal that have a donor account.
  • When looking at the Audit Log of a Contact Record created via the Portal, the Audit Log indicates the date/time it was created and that it was created by API User.

Last Modified: 2/5/2020

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