Portal FAQ

Q1: When a user logs into the Portal, why are they not seeing the complete information? (e.g., My Mission Trips page doesn't list any trips, My Giving doesn't show gifts).

The most likely scenario is that there is a duplicate Contact and so the individual's User account is not correctly linked to the applicable Contact record. Use the Combine Contacts Tool to remedy the duplication.

Q2: When someone completes a payment on the Portal, what address should they indicate at check out?
They should use their billing address, as the information collected at check out is sent to Authorize.Net for processing and so must match their credit card account records.

Q3: If someone does something on the Portal (gives online, registers for an Event, inquires about a Group, responds to an Opportunity) and they don't have a record in MinistryPlatform, will they receive a confirmation email?
The answer depends on the action completed. If it is an email template sent from the Portal (like the online giving receipt and event registration receipt), they receive an email to the email address provided at check out. 

On the other hand, if it is an email triggered by a Process you created (such as an Opportunity Response confirmation or Group Inquiry confirmation), the Send an Email step only emails a person that is setup as a Contact in MinistryPlatform. So, if your Process fires while a Response or Inquiry record is assigned to Default Contact, the email address associated with Default Contact receives the email.

Q4: Why does some font look different than the rest of our Portal?
Is the font in a field defined in MinistryPlatform? (e.g., Event Description field, Group Description field) If so, was that text copied/pasted from somewhere (rather than typed directly into the field), or does it contain HTML code that was manually entered? If so, the Portal is trying to display something that's not actually supported. It's encouraged that you type directly into fields in MinistryPlatform (rather than copying/pasting from elsewhere), and not add HTML into fields that don't already support it.

Q5: Can we add/edit content on the Portal home page?
Yes, this content can be edited by a Content Manager. See the Custom Content Pages for details. Alternatively, a SPoC can look at it in the _Domain\[YourDomain]\Content folder. Any content file created through the WYSIWYG is written to this folder.

Q6: Can we embed the Portal in our website?
Yes, see Embedding Skins.

Q7: Can we hide or add fields on a page?
The appearance of features can be altered by your Portal skin using javascript and css which means fields can usually be hidden or retitled. You may need help from Professional Services or a 3rd party developer to accomplish this.

Fields can not be added beyond what is already there. In this regard, the Portal is not dynamic like the Platform. Custom Forms and Event Forms are dynamically rendered from the records you create in the Platform, but the fields they support are fixed.

Q8: Can we create a skin template that will be able to refresh a custom form after someone submits it so that we can use it in a kiosk type environment? 
Yes, add the following to a new portal skin's Portal.js file, upload it and then use the portal skin test option to apply this theme to your form link.

    if (url.indexOf("get_form.aspx") > -1) {
        if ($(".mpp_alert.success").is(":visible"))
            // Return to the page after 5 seconds
            setTimeout(function () {
                window.location.href = window.location.href;
            }, 5000);

Q9: Can we control the format of the User Name when someone creates a new account?
No. The system appends the Contact ID to guarantee the User Name is unique. The User Name can be changed in the My User Account page.

Q10: Can our portal have multiple skins? 
Yes. It is possible to use multiple skins at the same time. Some multi-site churches like to brand each campus with different colors or websites. The Portal can be tuned to allow these different websites to each have access to the same Portal, but with different skins.  Please visit the Using Skins article for more information. 

Q11: Can Portal Users access pages from the Portal even if they are hidden from the navigation menu?
Yes, you can access hidden Portal Pages by using the direct links.  Visit the various Portal Pages article, find and select the desired portal page and your church's related direct URL.

Q12: Recipients are not receiving emails sent from the Portal, what can I do?
If emails are sent but not showing up at the recipient inbox, they may be bounced, blocked, flagged as spam or some other form of suppression. Details of the suppression can be found in SendGrid. See SendGrid Troubleshooting for more information on troubleshooting SendGrid email.


Last Modified: 8/12/2020

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