Custom Forms


  • The Portal allows you to view any Custom Form created in MinistryPlatform.
  • For standalone forms, the form-specific URL allows users to complete and submit the specific desired Custom Form.
  • Custom Forms can also be integrated with other Portal pages such as Event registrations, Mission Trip registrations and Opportunities. If the form is integrated with these pages, creating a form-specific URL is not necessary; instead, indicate the appropriate Custom Form in the field provided when you make the applicable Event, Pledge Campaign or Opportunity record. But, if desired, you could use the form-specific URL to preview your Custom Form before associating it with the Event, Pledge Campaign or Opportunity review.
  • If you prefer to create a form-specific URL that automatically logs people into their Portal account, you can do so by following these instructions.

Creating a Form-specific Url

Method 1: Form and Customer Specific Url (auto-login)

Use the Auto Login Generator to create a custom link which also logs in a User. Requires a Contact GUID.

Method 2: Form Specific Url
  1. In the Platform, create a Custom Form and add desired Fields.
  2. In the Custom Form record, copy the Form GUID value (see below).
  3. In a web browser, append the Form GUID to this url where <your_domain> is replaced with your domain: https://<your_domain>/portal/get_form.aspx?id=<form_guid>
    • For example:
    • Form submissions can be submitted as soon as you provide the URL to people (e.g., via email, your website, etc.)



Last Modified: 2/8/2019

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