Event Detail

When you click an Event on the Event Calendar, an Event Detail page is provided:


The text below the image (or if no image, below the Back to Calendar button) is from the Event's Description field.


The image for the Event is the default image attached to the Event record.

Add to Calendar

Clicking Add to Calendar downloads an ICS file to open and save or import in your default calendaring system. If the Event is part of a Series, only the specific Event’s detail is downloaded (not all Events in the Series).

Map This

Clicking Map This opens a map of the Event address in the determined mapping interface based on the Location field of the Event. GoogleMaps is the default, but a SPoC can override the setting by going to Administration > Configuration Settings > edit and save the MapSearchURL record > use the Portal Admin page for the setting change to take effect immediately.


The Primary Contact set on the Event record appears here, and the name is linked to allow the individual to be emailed using the email address in their Contact record. The phone number listed is the Work Phone in their Contact Record. There is not an option to automatically hide this information, but here are a few options if you want to reduce visibility of this contact information:

  • Typically, the Primary Contact is the person on staff who ultimately answers questions/runs point for the Event. So, the simplest solution is to always have the Primary Contact be a staff person who is able to field questions.
  • Another option is to have the Contact information visually hidden on the Event Detail pages of your Portal (this would be editing/tweaking your actual Portal skin).
  • You could edit your Portal skin and put a generic contact email in place of the individual-specific Contact information.
  • You could create a "generic" Contact record for the ministry the Event is for (e.g., a "Women's Ministry" Contact record with a generic ministry email address) and use that as the Primary Contact. Note that this is not always ideal from an internal standpoint due to lack of specificity.

Sign Up

Clicking Sign Up starts the Event registration process. 


If one or more Opportunities are associated with an Event, a Volunteer button will appear. Clicking Volunteer directs you to the Opportunity Finder filtered for the specific Event. From there, you can click on the desired volunteer Opportunity and sign up.


Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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