Event Registration

Creating an Event Registration

  1. Create the Event in the Platform; see this article for tips.
  2. If desired, you can preview the Event before sharing it with others. A simple way to do this is to set the Event’s Visibility Level to 5-Hidden: URL Required and then view the signup using the direct URL. You can use 2 different types of urls:
    1. Public urls: replace the Event ID for the signup page:
    2. Hidden urls: Use the Event Signup snippet with the Event ID
  3. If needed, submit the Event for approval.
  4. Once complete, you can direct potential registrants to the Event Calendar or provide them a direct link to the desired Event on the Event Calendar.

User Walk-Through

Once an individual clicks Sign Up:
  1. The individual is required to provide the attendee’s First Name and Last Name. Either Email OR Phone is required (even though both have a red asterisk). Address information is not required in this step.
    • Note: It is not possible to change the required information or the text for the field titles in this section.
  2. If the individual logs in, they have the option to pre-fill the contact info fields with the info of anyone in their Household.
    • Note: It is not possible to configure the way the names appear in the drop-down or which fields auto-populate. Also, if a user logs in, chooses a pre-fill option and overwrites the pre-filled values, this will not update a person's Contact record. Rather, it will be recorded on the Notes field of the Event Participant record. To change the information that pre-fills, a user needs to make a change on their My User Account page.

  1. If you associated a Custom Form with your Event, the individual then completes the necessary Custom Form information. Note that custom forms are required per registrant, not per transaction.
  2. What happens next depends on whether the Event is free or requires payment:
    • For free events: so long as nothing else is in the individual’s cart, clicking Next finishes the registration process and a confirmation page is displayed. From the confirmation page, the individual has the option to Add Another Person.
    • For payment-required events: clicking Next takes the individual to the Transaction Summary page, which allows you to Add Another Person or simply move on to Complete Transaction and provide payment information.

Video Topics: Event Registration

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Managing Registration

As people register for events on the Portal, registrant information is logged in the Platform. Check out this article for information on managing registrations in the Platform. 

If desired, a SPoC can setup a Process to email someone each time someone registers for an event. 

Variations on URLs

Guide the user to a specific part of your registration, or require log-in, by adjusting the URL.  

  • Base URL: All links will start with <your_domain>/portal
    • Example: https://www.samplechurch.com/portal
  • Require Login: Prepend the Event Detail portion of your link with /login.aspx?ReturnUrl= 
    • Example: https://www.samplechurch.com/portal/login.aspx?ReturnURL=event_detail.aspx?id=<event_id>
  • Event Details: Append your link with /event_detail.aspx?id=<event_id>
    • Example: https://www.samplechurch.com/portal/event_detail.aspx?id=<event_id>
  • Registration (Bypass Details): Append your link with /event_signup.aspx?id=<event_id>
    • Example: https://www.samplechurch.com/portal/event_signup.aspx?id=<event_id>
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Last Modified: 8/22/2018

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