Find Group By Survey


  • The Portal's Find Group by Survey page shows MinistryPlatform Groups that are available for online display.
  • On the Find Group by Survey page, you can search for Groups by Attribute (you have control over what Attributes are available to search by). Once a Group is clicked, the Group Detail and Group signup/inquiry process is the same as the Group Finder. 
  • The search looks at all selected Attributes and returns Groups that match any of the Attributes. (The percentage match shows how many of the selected Attributes match the Group listed.)

Initial Setup

A SPoC must complete one-time initial setup in order to use Group Finder.
  1. Ensure Steps 1-7 of Group Finder's initial setup are complete.
  2. Populate the desired Attributes by going to Lookup Values and creating the desired records on the following pages. Be sure to set the appropriate Attribute Types to Available Online=True.
    • Attribute Types
    • Attributes
  3. Place the navigation link to Find Group by Survey (group_survey.aspx) in the desired place on your Portal skin. If desired, you can also place the link on the church website.

Allowing Online Visibility

Follow the normal Group setup process. Additionally, in each Group, go to the Attributes sub-page and add the desired Attributes to each Group. This step ensures that the Group appears in the search results when the applicable Attributes are selected.


Last Modified: 10/7/2020

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