Group Finder


  • The Portal’s Group Finder shows MinistryPlatform Groups that are available for online display.
  • On the Group Finder page, you can search for Groups by Congregation, Parent Group, City, Postal Code, Key Word, Group Focus, Life Stage, Meeting Day and Meeting Time. 
    • Once a Group is clicked, a Group Detail page provides more information on the Group and an opportunity to indicate interest in or signup for the Group (which is then logged in MinistryPlatform). 
    • The Location listed in the Group Finder results and the Meeting Location on the Group Details page are populated by the Offsite Meeting Address field on the Group record. Manage the Visibility of the address by modifying the address record as desired.
  • You can pre-filter the Group Finder URL so specific search criteria is auto-filled when someone clicks the link.
  • A video on Group Finder is available here


Last Modified: 1/25/2019

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