Portal - June 2012

New Cart-style checkout (transaction_summary.aspx)
  • Read about our updated checkout process here
  • Impacts online giving, mission trip giving, event registrations, and balance payments
  • Please note that features vary based on the church's payment provider
Online Giving (online_giving.aspx)
  • Recurring giving can be disabled by way of a new configuration value
  • Credit Card giving can be disabled by way of a new configuration value
  • The first gift in a recurring series will be marked as 'gateway response: transaction successful' and 'processed = true'. All future gifts will be marked 'awaiting response' and 'processed = no'
  • FIXED: drop-down list for designations will once again honor "Online Sort Order" (located on the Program record)
  • Added support for datafeed. E-mail support to set up this feature
  • online_donations.aspx has been deprecated. Online giving will now take place via online_giving.aspx regardless of the payment provider
  • Added a redirect page so cancelled donations will be treated differently than failed donations
  • The redirect pages have all been renamed to "transaction_success.aspx", "transaction_error.aspx", and "transaction_cancelled.aspx" to support event registrations
  • Users will now be prompted to log in before proceeding to checkout (not when they click on the giving page)
  • Added [PaymentType] (check / credit card) and [Account_Number] (*1234) as available tokens for the online giving e-mail receipt
  • If someone creates a recurring gift on today's date, the first item in that series will be charged immediately
    • It was previously scheduled for the next date in the recurrence. A gift made on a Monday to repeat every Monday would start next Monday, not "today". Now it will start "today".
Mission Trip / Project Giving (mission_trip_giving.aspx)
  • Adjusted the "share link" so the URL does not break when pasted into social media outlets like Facebook
  • Suffix will be appended to a trip participant if they have one
  • ASIAPAY: The project_donations.aspx page is deprecated. You will be using this page moving forward
Event Calendar / Event Registration (event_calendar.aspx, event_signup.aspx)
  • New custom forms are available to collect additional data during the event registration process (kb article)
  • Registration for events no longer utilizes the 'number of people' drop down list. People are registered one at a time and each registration is added to our new cart.
  • CHANGE: The Event Registration e-mail will no longer contain meeting instructions and other event-specific tokens. Instead, each line item will have a hyperlink to the event so the user can view any information that might be relevant to that event.
  • FIXED: 'seconds' are no longer displayed as part of the timestamp in list view
  • ASIAPAY: Event registrations are now fully supported (paid & free). Users can also pay off the balance of registration fees using 'my_purchase_history.aspx'
Online Church Directory (my_directory.aspx)
  • FIXED: Sorts directory by Last Name, First Name
  • FIXED: [DOB_Short] token should not display when the member has no DOB
  • TIP: You can hide empty fields automatically by formatting your directory.htm template with <div> elements instead of <td> elements
My Groups (my_groups.aspx)
  • Primary Contacts of "Group A" can now have participant-level access to any of Group A's child groups
  • Searching to add new group members has been enhanced:
    • No companies will display
    • E-mail only + any additional criteria
    • Mobile Phone only + any additional criteria
    • Last Name Only + any additional criteria
  • FIXED: Fixed a timeout-related issue when allowing a user session to expire on my_group_detail.aspx
Group Finder (group_finder.aspx)
  • The table of results now shows the "Campus" configuration text instead of always showing "Campus".
Opportunity Finder (opportunity_finder.aspx)
  • Keyword field now searches Opportunity title and description
  • FIXED: "Ministry" argument now works correctly in the sharelink filter
My Contributions (my_contributions.aspx)
  •  The online contribution statement extends support for multiple church companies. Users will be able to retrieve online statements for all Accounting Companies identified as 'available online = true' 
My Giving History (my_giving_history.aspx)
  • FIXED: If a user tried to cancel a subscription that was already cancelled by Authorize.Net (expired credit card), the 'cancel' button would not remove the donations from MP
  • FIXED: The asterisk (*) noting unprocessed transactions should display correctly

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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