Portal - November 2012

Event Registration Process
  • Enhanced user experience when registering for events online
  • When a user is logged in, the sign-up form will have a dropdown list of all members of that user's household so they can populate the form with the click of a button
  • When the user goes to the checkout form, they will be able to populate the final form based on any event registration in their cart. If they are authenticated, they can also choose to populate their own information (this is the default when the user is logged in)
My Events - *new*
  • Users can now see which events for which they've registered and can either confirm their attendance or notify event organizers that they will not be able to attend
Event Calendar
  • Events assigned to the "Churchwide" congregation will be displayed no matter which specific congregation is chosen from the dropdown menu. This feature can be disabled via a configuration value.
  • Removed the "dot" in front of each calendar item and wrapped each item in a <li> element for improved skinning possibilities
    • ul.mpp_calendarDayEvents { ... }
      li.mpp_calendarEventItem { ... }
      li.mpp_calendarEventItem a { ... }
My Mission Trips
  • Leaders can now see the fundraising status of each trip participant
  • Leaders can e-mail members of the group
  • Anonymous gifts now show properly on the list of donations, but donor information is hidden where appropriate
Mission Trip Giving
  • Churches can use the "Beneficiary" field (on the Pledge record) to create an anonymous Trip Participant name for mission trips to sensitive regions in the world
  • A note has been added to inform users that the "memo" is visible to the trip participant and the church office
My Giving (formerly My Giving History)
  • Subscriptions are now grouped at the top of the page, allowing the user to more easily identify and cancel a specific subscription
  • Users are e-mailed confirmation when a subscription is canceled
  • Gifts made by the user's spouse will be displayed, along with a note that they belong to the spouse's donor record
My Groups
  • When a group leader creates a group event, the "Event Title" now honors the max field length in MinistryPlatform
  • Pending Group Inquiry records now show the information from the inquiry form (used to display "default contact" when the inquirer's information did not match in MP)
  • The e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all group members now honor online directory privacy settings set via my_user_account.aspx
  • The "View Members" button has been moved below the list of Group leaders on my_group_details.aspx
  • Group leaders can remove their group from an event
Group Finder
  • When any filter parameters are detected in the URL, the search will be triggered automatically
  • Users can now search by City or Postal Code
  • End-Dated Congregations will no longer be shown
  • When a user suggests a group, they will be able to specify a Congregation
  • When a user submits an inquiry, the "From_Group_Finder" field is now properly updated on the Inquiry record in MinistryPlatform
Opportunity Finder
  • When any filter parameters are detected in the URL, the search will be triggered automatically
My Contributions
  •  Pledge information is no longer displayed if the Pledge record is inactive
My User Account
  • Users can now update their work phone
E-mail Template Tokens
  • Additional tokens have been added to the e-mail templates used for sending group messages (generated from my_group_detail.aspx)
    • [Event_Start_Date_Only] - (date only - 11/1/2012)
    • [Event_Start_Time_Only] - (5:00 PM)
    • [Event_Start_Day] - (Thursday)
    • [Event_End_Date_Only]
    • [Event_End_Time_Only]
    • [Event_End_Day]

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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