Portal - Fall 2015


  • Add new filter to Group Finder page for ParentGroup Field. This field is configurable in Configuration Settings.  This change allows you to pass a filter in the URL. Use the filter key 'parent'.
  • Added a new configuration setting called MyEventsReconfirmButtonText so that customers can control the text value on the button that add them back to the group. The default value of 'Attend' can be changed.
  • Added a new field to the Accounting Companies page called 'Show Online'. This field will control which accounting companies are visible on the Contribution Statement page.
  • Added a new visibility level titled "Hidden: URL Required". This visibility level is to be used for events where registration is needed, but the event should not be listed on the public calendar. Only those who are sent a link will be able to register for the event.
  • Added actual $ amounts to the Mission Trip Leader page and not just the percentages.
  • Added optional Promo Code functionality set on the Product Option Price record.
  • Added optional Max Quantity set on the Product Option Price record.
  • All currency fields on the portal have been updated to automatically handle decimals and correct any decimal places great than 2.
  • All customer-specific configuration information has been removed from the web.config and now resides in the _DomainData folder. The new Customer.config file now contains all customer specific data.
  • Congregations now sorts the same on My User Account as it does in Online Giving.  It correctly honors the Online_Sort_Order field.
  • Corrected an issue so that PesoPay payment services can correctly update donation status after redirecting.
  • Custom Form Required Dropdown lists now default to a --Select-- option, so users MUST actually make a selection prior to the form being submitted.
  • Custom Forms now allow you to specify your own Complete Message. This HTML control will be shown instead of the default success message whenever populated.
  • Custom Forms now honor the "Get Address Info" option and force the filling out of the Address fields.
  • Custom Forms now support an End_Date that would allow you to stop submissions.
  • Custom Forms will now pre-populate user data if the user is logged in.
  • Impersonate Portal User Tool now clears the transaction cart upon logging in.
  • Implemented a new standard for dialogues. All Errors, Warnings, and Success dialogues are now consistent.
  • Implemented new optional feature for Skin Designers. Instead of having to put the full path to the domain and skin into the HTML file, you can now use the new [SkinPath] token. This allows skin files to be portable between different portals.
  • My Mission Trips now allows Head of Household to see all Family Trips.
  • Product Option Groups now include an Online_Sort_Order field allowing you to fully sort Product Option Groups and Prices.
  • Several enhancements were made to protect the portal from Cross-Site-Scripting attacks.
  • The Opportunity Finder now will show opportunities directly under the selected ministry as well as opportunities for ministries where the selected ministry is the "Parent Ministry".
  • The Opportunity Finder will now pre-populate all information when the user is logged in.
  • The Portal now includes an administrative interface where you can upload skins, test skins and edit the templates and resource files of the portal. You can also force the portal to reload configuration settings without server access. This page is available at /portaladmin.aspx.
  • The Sign Up button for Event registration now is controlled by the Registration Active bit field and Registration Start/End Date fields; the Event End Date will no longer deactivate this button
  • Updated form validation across the entire portal to use a new consistent methodology. Form fields will now be highlighted with errors and a summary of errors will appear at the bottom of each page.
  • Updated several sections of portal code to maintain and enhance PCI compliance. Cookies specifically were changed to match PCI compliance.
  • When choosing to include Contact Fields in a custom form, the Phone Field is now standard.
  • Online Giving only lists Campuses that are Available Online (or this value is undefined) and have at least one Program which has the Allow Online Giving bit field set.



  • Event Sign-Up now uses the same drop-down list for State so that when checking out the form will populate correctly.
  • External Registration Link now honored without a product. If you configure an external registration link, the sign-up button will show up.
  • Filters containing special characters will now be correctly decoded.
  • Fixed an issue with Creating Recurring Events on the My Groups page
  • Fixed an issue with the [User_Name] token not populating on the User Information Email
  • Fixed an issue that greyed out address fields when using an auto-login url.
  • Fixed an issue where FailedAccountEmailTo setting was not working correctly. This setting will now send an email to the email address defined with all of the information about the user account that failed to be created.
  • Fixed an issue where Group Events showed incorrect data.
  • Fixed an issue where NaN could be shown on Mission Trip Leader Page. This value is now caught and correctly shows '0'.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cancel button was not properly hidden on the My Pledges page.
  • Fixed an issue with My Groups email that could allow email to be sent when sender had no email.
  • Fixed issue where certain characters in custom forms were not saved to the database.
  • Fixed several issues around the replacement of tokens in emails. [First_Name] and [Last_Name] were tokens that were not being consistently replaced correctly.
  • Made several fixes to address proper session timeout and redirect to login page if session terminated.
  • My Groups emailing has been completely re-written to address issues with sending email.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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