Portal - Spring 2016


  • Fixed an issue where HTML in the Event Description field could cause rendering issues on the Portal Event Detail page. Note: The Event Description field is not an HTML field. Adding HTML to this field is still not advised.
  • Fixed an issue where a NULL Event Description could generate an error on the Portal Event Detail page.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect spelling and capitalization in the Promo Code error message.        
  • Fixed an issue where a person chosen from the Pre-Fill list on Event Registration did not hand off correctly to the Platform and Default Contact could be assigned erroneously.
  • Fixed an issue with Event Registration that could cause incorrect calculations for Events with a Base Price great than $1000.
  • Enhanced calendar entries added using 'Add to Calendar' so that they no longer include the Primary Contact's email address as the meeting organizer.            
  • Enhanced the Event Registration page so that applied Promo Codes show directly under the Promo Code field.  
  • Enhanced Event Registration to disable the Next button after clicked to prevent additional clicks creating duplicate registrations.
  • Enhanced Event Registration to combine the Next and Complete buttons. For paid Events, Next will take you to the cart review from which you can add another person or complete the registration by entering payment details. For free Events, Next will complete the registration.
  • Enhanced the Event Registration page so that the Registrant count is compared to Event's Participants Expected field on page load to prevent people from being able to "Add Another" to a full event.
  • Enhanced the Event Registration page so that login can be required on a per Event basis.
  • *New* Product Option Prices now include a Min Qty field which allows you to enforce a minimum quantity of an item at a certain price. Great for "bundle" pricing!


  • Fixed an issue where Group Signup would not be possible for Groups with a Target Size value set to any number.
  • Enhanced the Group Name validation on the Suggest a Group page.        
  • Enhanced the Congregation validation on the Suggest a Group page.     
  • Enhanced the Group Name validation when editing on My Group Detail page.        
  • Enhanced the Group Suggestion page for responsive design and to reflect new form styles used throughout the Portal
  • Enhanced the Group Finder search page so that the Suggest a Group button is below the search grid and centered to match other button layouts used throughout the Portal.  
  • Enhanced the My Group Meeting invitation to include Group Name and Group Role on the Event Participant record that is created when a Group member responds to the invitation.
  • Enhanced the My Group Meeting validation to limit meetings dates to 2 years in the future and 1 year in the past.

Custom Forms

  • Fixed an issue where expired Custom Forms had a visible Submit button.  
  • Enhanced the Custom Form expired error message to match portal error styles.
  • Enhanced the Date Field Type to supports Dates - 100 years through + 100 years of the current Year.


  • Fixed an issue where changing payment types while completing payment details would incorrectly raise an unload message.    
  • Fixed an issue where after a successful transaction the Complete Transaction page incorrectly raises an unload message. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain browser versions would not register clicking of the Complete button.
  • Fixed an issue where the View Cart Text could be configured in multiple places. The ViewCartText Configuration Setting has been removed. The configuration for the View Cart text is controlled in the Portal's Customer.Config file on the server.
  • Enhanced Credit Card Month drop down to include month numerical values (1, 2, etc.) in addition to month text (Jan, Feb, etc.).
  • Enhanced the Invoice Summary token to include Product Options and Product Option Prices on both the transaction summary screen and the email receipt.
  • Enhanced the error logging from Auth.net to gather additional diagnostic details in the event a transaction is processed by Auth.net, but not created in MP.


  • Enhanced the Email field validation on Create an Account page.
  • Enhanced the Create an Account security so that email address validation occurs on both the end User side and server side.  

Contribution Statement

  • *New* Option to display non-cash gifts on contribution statements. If List Non Cash Gifts is set to true on the Accounting Company record, then the Portal Contribution Statement will list non-cash gifts. If you also have the Non-Cash/Asset Payment Type set to Omit Amount on Statement = True, then, gifts for the date range will appear with no dollar value and won't affect the overall giving total. Note: This setting is global and will also affect Donor Stmt reports run from the Platform.

My Giving

  • Fixed an issue where erroneous or duplicate Head of Household records resulting in more than 2 HOH caused an error.

User Account

  • Fixed an issue where Filtered pages on the Contacts table could cause errors when attaching images.
  • Enhanced the Date of Birth validation to only allow dates in the past.
  • Enhanced the Date of Birth validation to only allow date formatting.
  • Enhanced the Phone Number validation to prevent any non-number characters.
  • Enhanced the User Name field validation on Update User Record section of the My User Account page.    


  • Fixed an issue where Opportunities with an Opportunity Date in the past could still be accessed with a direct link.
  • Fixed an issue where Opportunities with a visibility of Private could be accessed with a direct link.
  • Fixed an issue where Opportunities with a visibility of Staff & Church could be responded to without being logged in.
  • Enhanced the Response field validation to limit field lengths on an Opportunity Response.
  • Enhanced Opportunity Finder to return the 500 results.

Mission Trips

  • Fixed an issue where "missing" images icon could show up on Mission Trip Registration page in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where the Description field was included on the Mission Trip Registration Complete screen.   
  • Fixed an issue where Mission Trip Registration would not identify/match a Contact record without an email address. Matching rules are now the same as system*wide: First Name (or Nickname) AND Last Name PLUS Email OR Phone.
  • Enhanced Mission Trip Registrations to sort available trips by Event Start Date Ascending, and then Campaign Name.    
  • Enhanced My Mission Trips and Family Mission Trips to sort by the Event Start Date Descending.
  • Enhanced Mission Trip Registration to disable the Next button after clicked to prevent additional clicks creating duplicate registrations.
  • Enhanced Mission Trip Registration to hide the "Deposit Price" label when Deposit is $0.
  • Enhanced Mission Trip Registration to allow churches to customize "Trip Cost" label to match the church culture by adding new Configuration Setting: MissionTripCostLabel.


  • Fixed an issue where Subscriptions preferences set on the My Subscriptions page where not properly updating the related Subscription record in the Platform.    
  • Enhanced Subscriptions so the when a User unsubscribes to a Publication on the My Subscriptions page all subscribed Contacts with the same email as the current User are also unsubscribed from the Publication. 

Portal Admin

  • Fixed an issue where the Cancel Recurring Donation email template was labeled as Cancel Recurring Event.
  • Fixed an issue where Portal skin templates set using query strings were not honored on pages requiring login.
Note: Microsoft ended support for IE8 in January 2016. As such, issues unique to IE8 will not be addressed by Think Ministry. We recommend using IE9 or above, or other browser providers.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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