Portal - Winter 2016


  • Fixed an issue where the Login token in the Portal skin was not correctly redirecting after a login took place. 
  • Fixed an issue where a non-US State could cause an error in the Portal checkout.        
  • Fixed an issue where Required, Non-Mutually exclusive Product Option Groups would allow no selection to be made. The validation code now requires at least one item to be checked to proceed.   
  • Fixed an issue where logging in from the Event detail page could cause an application error.        
  • Fixed an issue with Product Option Groups headers showing when there were no Product Option Prices.
  • Enhanced the Event Registration page to require Email OR Phone, but not both (return of previous feature).
  • Enhanced and standardized the CSS on the My Events buttons for consistency.      
  • *New* Added Specific HTML ID to the Price field on the Event Signup page to allow the ability to hide this field through CSS by using the following selector: #mpp_event_signup_header_price.  
  • *New* Free Events can now be signed up for in one step and can bypass the checkout screen if there is nothing else in the cart. If there is anything in the cart beside the free event registration, the user will be redirected to the checkout page.  
  • *New* Added Add to Calendar button on Event Detail pages for the ability to add an Event to personal calendars.   
  • *New* Added Map It button to Event Detail pages for the ability to open a map of the Event address in the determined mapping interface. This will open google maps by default to the address of your event. This can be overridden to a different maps provider using the 'MapSearchUrl' configuration setting.
  • *New* Added OpenGraph metadata to Event_Detail pages so that pasting an event detail link into Facebook, all the proper fields show up and look nice.


  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Group Event would cause an application error.    
  • Fixed an issue where the Sign-Up button was still visible on the Group detail page despite Group Is Full being set to True.  
  • Fixed an issue where the attendance email links were not correctly redirecting to the proper page.       
  • Fixed an issue where certain email addresses could cause all group emails to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where certain email addresses could cause all group invites/messages to fail.    
  • Fixed an issue where End Dated Groups were still showing up on My Groups. End-Dated Groups will no longer be available.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Available Online field was not honored equally by both the Group Finder and My Groups pages.
  • Enhanced Group Finder to honor Group Start Dates when determining drop down values.
  • Enhanced the Group detail pages to not be available by URL when Available_Online is set to False.  
  • Enhanced the My Groups Send Message page to remove unused drop-down list.

Custom Forms

  • Fixed an issue where a capital letter in an email address would fail validation. The Portal now uses the same email validation as the Platform.        
  • Enhanced the Date Field Type to support Dates -100 years through +100 years of the current Year.
  • Enhanced the Instructions field to remain at the top of a stand-alone custom form with or without Get Contact/Address Info options set. 


  • Enhanced the Complete Transaction page validation has been updated to match the new method used on other pages. Fields will now highlight to show problems.        
  • Enhanced the Complete Transaction page to remove punctuation from City/State/Zip fields and credit card expiration fields on checkout page. This allows further responsive design without these elements.
  • Enhanced the Complete Transaction page to scroll back to the top to make it easier to see the success message for longer portal skins. The "Success" text is now contained within the standard success alert dialog as well.
  • Enhanced the transaction step page headers to remove "Step 1 of 3" or other Steps. Since there are now several ways to give/sign up/register in only 1 or 2 steps, the steps notated in the header no longer were necessary.
  • *New* Added new "unload" messages to event registration, mission trip registration, complete transaction, and transaction summary pages. This means the end user will receive a browser alert asking them if they really want to leave before completing the transaction.


  • Enhanced Create User Account Validation and status messages to be consistent with the rest of the Portal.
  • Enhanced Reset Password verbiage enhanced to more clearly convey reset (not creation) of Portal account.  
  • *New* Added a new mechanism that allows authentication to be passed in an encrypted format to 3rd party applications. OnlineGiving.cc is the first to implement this and our mutual customers can contact them directly for setup instructions.    


  • Fixed an issue where the User could cause the Portal to crash by specifying a recurring gift end date that was prior to today.  The Portal now checks and requires a future end date. 
  • Enhanced Online Giving to honor Program Start Dates when determining Designation drop down values.
  • Enhanced the My Giving page to include a total of all gifts in the view.
  • Enhanced the My Contribution Statement page to not show the Company field if there is only 1 Company.
  • Enhanced the My Contribution Statement page by adding a new available token for [Date]. This will allow you to inject the current date into the contribution statement, both online and pdf. Simply update your contribution statement file on the Portal Admin page and add the [Date] token where you want the date to appear.


  • Fixed several style issues on the My_Pledges page.          
  • Fixed several style issues on the My_Pledges page affecting Totals and Pledge Progress Bar.        


  • Enhanced the My Profile page by allowing you to control the order of Attribute Types with the Online Sort Order field on the Attribute Types record.  

User Account

  • Enhanced the My User Account page with an option to allow end users to 'Opt Out' of receiving Text Messages.    
  • *New* Added Configuration Setting for ShowAddFamilyMember to control whether or not the Add Family Member button shows for HOH.


  • Fixed an issue where certain Opportunities were not showing when associated with multi-day Events.

Mission Trips

  • Fixed an issue where family members could see leader (not just participant) information in Family Mission Trips.
  • Enhanced Mission Trip Registration to include an optional login button and detection when someone tries to leave the page before completing the mission trip registration.        
  • Enhanced Mission Trip Registration to be hidden if full or if registration has closed.
  • Enhanced the Mission Trip Registration page to require Email OR Phone, but not both (return of previous feature).
  • *New* Added new configuration options so that Mission Trip Registrations do not have to require a Deposit ("free" registration).


  • Fixed an issue where My Calls could not locate the failed email template.    


  • Enhanced many of the styles used in the default CSS of the portal to improve the overall design of the portal. Some key elements that were changed / enhanced include the error labels and field widths.    
  • Enhanced the css by adding mpp_Grid css class to all Grids.    

NoteMicrosoft will end support for IE8 on January 12, 2016. Starting then, issues unique to IE8 will not be addressed by Think Ministry. Thus, we recommend using IE9 (or above) or other browser providers.


Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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