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  • The My Groups page of the Portal allows an authenticated user to view the Groups they are a part of so long as:
    • The individual is a current participant in the Group,
    • The Group is current (today's date is between the Group Start Date and End Date), and
    • The Group's Available Online field is set to True.
  • Group Participants with a Group Role Type of Participant or Servant can:
    • View the Group's Name, Description, Meeting Time, Meeting Location and Primary Contact,
    • View the Group roster and their basic contact information (except for individuals whose Email Unlisted and/or Mobile Phone Unlisted fields are set to True), and
    • RSVP to Group-specific Events.
  • The Primary Contact and Group Participants with a Group Role Type of Leader can do the above as well as:
  • Primary Contacts can do the above as well as:
    • View sub-Groups as a Participant. 
  • There is currently no way to limit the functionality of the Primary Contact and Leaders. Additionally, there can only be one Primary Contact, but several Group Participants with a Group Role Type of Leader.


Initial Setup

A SPoC must place the navigation link to My Groups (my_groups.aspx) in the desired place on your Portal skin. If desired, you can also place the link on your church website.

Video Topics: My Groups

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1:16 - My Groups Page
1:56 - How to RSVP for Group Events
2:15 - How to Take Attendance as a Group Leader


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Last Modified: 12/4/2018

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