Would you like to start using a part of MinistryPlatform that you haven't used before but don't know where to start? Do you want to be more successful in an area that you are already using? Our coaching team is here to come alongside you and help you implement a new or improved approach. 

A coach will help you:

  • Define the problem you are trying to solve, identify roadblocks in your environment, and create a plan to work through them
  • Set measurable goals
  • Explore and apply existing pages, tools, reports, and other resources to your unique church environment
  • Engage with Professional Services to request updates to reports, new filtered pages, customized processes, or advanced views to enable you to accomplish your goals. 
  • Develop and document internal procedures to ensure long-term success from the effort
  • Improve your Report Card grade
Training is focused on how the software works. Coaching is focused on how to use the software in your environment. For our information on Training, click here.
Contact Support if you are interested in obtaining coaching for a specific area or topic for an estimate of hours and cost per hour.
Here are some examples of where coaching may be helpful. Feel free to let us know if you are looking for something else! 
  • Onboarding a New Spoc (2-3 weeks)
    • Walk through security roles, how they are set up, and how they are created/edited
    • Walk through the setup area and ensure understanding
    • Walk through Church Structure and ensure understanding in church context
    • Identify areas for greater use of MinistryPlatform to be covered in future coaching or training contexts
  • Transitioning to MinistryPlatform for Facility Management (6 weeks)
    • Help everyone involved understand the needs for requesting, approving, and reporting specific to Facility Management
    • Guide the creation of rooms, resources, and services
    • Ensure reporting and processes are appropriate and work with Professional Services to modify, if necessary
    • Help document the procedures for requesting, approving, and reporting
  • Event Registration (3 weeks)
    • Assist with the creation of custom forms
    • Assist with the creation of Products and Product Option prices
    • Guide the discussion to determine follow-up process within the church context
    • Help identify useful reports, tools, and views
  • Care Cases (2 weeks)
    • Walk through Care Case Types & Locations, assisting with modifications as necessary
    • Review Care Case Procedure in church context, assisting with modifications as necessary
    • Identify and guide updates to care case team security roles
  • My Calls (3 weeks)
    • Determine the views that will best help identify those people who need follow up
    • Advise on Planned Contacts that need to be created or edited
    • Review security roles for proper setup
    • Assist in developing procedures for staff and volunteers
  • Pledge Campaign Setup (3 weeks)
    • Ensure Programs and Configuration settings are correct
    • Walk through using views and reports for tracking pledges
    • Determine which views or reports need to be adjusted and work with professional services, if necessary
    • Assist in documenting church-specific follow-up procedures
  • Movement Criteria (4 weeks)
    • Provide guidance to staff as they determine important criteria and terminology for the church
    • Assist in documenting the movement criteria for Professional Services to implement
    • Work with Professional Services to answer questions on behalf of staff
    • Assist in documenting procedures for movement routine follow-up
  • Integration Setup - provides a 'guided tour' of how to integrate the below items with your MP system (2 weeks each)
    • Mailchimp
    • Vision2,, Pushpay
    • Focus Missions
    • Focus NextSteps
    • Melissa Data
  • Replace Specific Spreadsheets (2-5 weeks)
    • Determine where data from specific spreadsheets should be placed in MP
    • Work with Professional Services to document needed tables, views, and reports, if necessary
    • Work with Professional Services to have data from spreadsheets imported into designated locations
    • Assist in documenting procedures for how to input and report on similar data in the future
  • Security Role best Practice and Alignment (1-2 week)
    • Understand how security roles work and best practices
    • Identify the roles and jobs you need 
    • Ensure the right users have the right roles

Last Modified: 9/8/2020

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