Generosity by Lifeway

Generosity by LifeWay Integration

Generosity by LifeWay is an online giving solution designed to nurture generous hearts using all six channels of digital giving available to today’s giver (Online, Text, App, Crowdfunding, Noncash, and Events) while leveraging and updating your MP data!

Initial Setup and Requirements

An account with Generosity by LifeWay must be established before the integration with MinistryPlatform can be configured.

Once established, the integration must be configured and enabled by Think Ministry - help with API Client. Contact Support to request this.


There is no charge from Think Ministry for configuring the integration. Fees from Generosity by LifeWay will be assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.



API Client



Support is provided by Generosity by Lifeway. Their Support team can be reached be phone:1-844-647-4413.

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Last Modified: 4/4/2019

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