Background Check Consent PDF Email

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Background Check Consent PDF Email

Automatically PDFs the Background Check Consent and emails it to Protect My Ministry each time a church member completes the Portal's Background Check Request form to ensure compliance with Georgia state regulations.

Initial Setup and Requirements

This Utility must be installed and enabled by Think Ministry. Contact support to request this. See Billing Details.


Once installed, the following settings must be reviewed and updated by the customer.

Configuration Setting: BGAuthorizationTemplateID

  • Indicates the ID of a message which is emailed to Protect My Ministry.
  • Both the subject and body require edits prior to going into production. 
  • Protect My Ministry requires your church name and account number in the subject of the email.

Webhook: Send Background Check PDF

  • Must be set to "Active = True".
  • Webhooks are located in the Administration section (folder) of the Platform.


Last Modified: 8/21/2019

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