Importing Data

There are times when you find a dreaded data silo that you want to be added to MinistryPlatform so that it continues to be your "one database to rule them all".

Many times Professional Services can do a back-end import of the data to save you from manual entry. To find out if an import is possible and if so at what cost, please email Support with the following details:

  • A sample file
  • Mapping instructions (What columns in the file correspond to what fields in MP?)
  • Expected volume/frequency of the import (is this one time or yearly?)

Although Professional Services doesn't create new applications or import tools as part of Professional Services, our team can play a valuable role in application development. See this article for more details if you need something on a monthly or regular basis.

Hourly rates apply. Please consult your Service Level Agreement for fee amounts. To receive an estimate, please contact Support.

Important:  We reserve the right to decline any project for any reason.  Due to holidays, demands of our Technicians' time, or other extenuating circumstances projects are subject to our Technicians availability.  We may use sub-contractors for some of this work. If we do, you will be informed in advance.


Last Modified: 10/4/2018

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