Reviewing Missing or Incorrect Data

There are times when you may believe that data has been updated in MinistryPlatform, but the changes are not displaying. Here are some suggestions that may help you to locate your data or identify potential data entry issues:

  • All changes made by MinistryPlatform or any application using our API are recorded in the Audit Log. Check the record you expected to be changed to confirm if there is a value listed in the Audit Log.
  • There may be duplicate records, and the User may have edited the wrong one, thinking the edits are completed. If you know which User made the changes, go to the Users page and run the "User Audit Log Detail" report to identify which records the User has edited.
  • The User may have forgotten/missed the save button, in which case the changes were never applied to the database.

If you would like Think Ministry, Inc. to assist with this research our normal rates for Professional Services will apply. Alternatively, if you determine records were accidentally deleted, please see this KB for steps on recovering lost data.

Important: Services are subject to availability. Hourly rates apply. Please consult your Service Level Agreement for fee amounts.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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