Server Related Services

The data services listed below are not covered by your Support Agreement (please consult your Service Level Agreement for details), but are the specific areas in which we offer Professional Service assistance:

Available Services 

  • Assisting with a migration of your MinistryPlatform installation to a new server*
  • Assisting with an upgrade of the underlying Microsoft SQL Server or IIS*
  • Setting up a MinistryPlatform Sandbox for your developers to work against
  • Troubleshooting SSL Certificate Issues
  • Assisting with the Installation of an SSL Certificate
  • Troubleshooting Firewall and/or DNS Issues

*For details, see MinistryPlatform Server Requirements.

Hourly rates apply. Please consult your Service Level Agreement for fee amounts. To receive an estimate, contact Support.

We reserve the right to decline any project for any reason. We may use sub-contractors for some of this work.


Last Modified: 1/9/2020

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