MinistryPlatform sends automated emails each day. We refer to these as Notifications. The following is true of all Notifications in this category:

  • These are run via scheduled jobs in the database.
  • They are not editable or visible in the platform.
  • They are configured using Configuration Settings
  • Support for tokens (Merge Fields) is limited to those specified for each Notification.
    Additional token requests can be submitted as suggestions to support.
  • Unless otherwise noted, notification emails come from your DBMail account email
    (if you need to change the email address associated with your DBMail account, please contact Support).
  • Anyone with access and permissions to your database server can check for errors in SSMS under SQL Server Agent by viewing the History of the MP Daily or MP Quarter Hour jobs
  • Professional Services follows particular conventions when configuration these jobs, so they not be altered by anyone but Professional Services or approved technicians.

The available notifications and instructions to configure them are below:


Last Modified: 10/23/2019

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