Attendee Message Notification

The Attendee Message Notification is sent to Event Participants marked as Attended or Confirmed after the Event ends within the past 7 days of the Event End Date.

  • Frequency: Once, immediately after the Event End Time.
  • Recipients: Any Event Participant with a status of 03 Attended or 04 Confirmed with the Attendee Message Sent field set to No or Undefined and the Event is in the last 7 days. If Send to Heads is chosen and the Registrant is not a Head of Household the Attendee and the Contacts who are Head of Household in the Attendee's Household will receive the message. If the Attendee is a Head of Household, only they will receive the message and no one else.
  • From/Reply To: The Event Primary Contact. If the Primary Contact does not have a valid email address, it will use the From field on the Message Template.  If the Message Template does not have a valid email address, then it will use and we recommend changing the Email Address on the Template.
  • Contents: An event-specific email giving attendees additional post-event information or follow up (e.g. presentation links, survey. etc.).
  • How to Stop: Remove the message from Attendee Message in the Event record.
  • Method for sending: Platform
  • Logging in Messages: One time, template message is copied. Recipients are logged. Event Participant Record will have True for Attendee Message Sent.
  • Configuration Settings: None
  • Merge fields supported:
    Subject & Body: [Nickname] and [Event_Title].
    Body only: [Notes], [Email_Address], [Mobile_Phone], [Event_Title], [Meeting_Instructions], [Congregation_Name], [Location_Name], and [Event_Start_Date].
  • Initial Configuration: Create a message and set it as the Attendee Message on the Event record.
  • Optional Configuration: None
  • Notes: The email used for registration on the Portal which is stored in event participant notes will be used if present. Keep in mind it doesn't matter how the registrant was added to the event. They will be sent this email if they have an email on file.

Event Fields

See Creating Events > Event Fields > Notification Settings

Other Notes
  • Event Series — Each Event is separate and each Event can have its own Attendee Message.
    • An Attendee Message will be sent for each Event in the series with a Attendee Message set on the specific Event record.
    • If you allow registration on any Event in a series and have Register into Series=True and if multiple Attendee Messages are not desired (see point above), then you can set the Attendee Message value only on the last Event in the series.
  • Message Templates — You can use the same Message template for various Events. Each Event does not have to have its own Message template, although it can if that level of customization is desired.
    • The Message does not have to be a template to be used.
    • Attachments are not sent with the Message. Send links to publicly downloadable files.
  • Recent Events only — Messages are not sent for Events with End Dates more than 7 days in the past. If a Participant is added more than 7 days after the Event End Date an Attendee Message will not be sent.
  • Event Primary Contact — Messages are not sent for Events if the Primary Contact does not have an email address.
  • Default Contact — If the Attendee is assigned to Default Contact, the message will be sent to the email provided during registration (This will show up in the Notes field of the Event Participant record when the Email and Address1 fields are populated).
    • If Send to Heads=True and the Event Participant record is assigned to Default Contact, no Head-of-Household can be identified and thus no Head-of-Household email will be sent out.
    • We recommend reviewing and cleaning up/clearing out the Event Participant > 1. Reassign Participant view daily. Or, to reduce Default Contacts, require the registrant to login to register using the Force Login=True on the Event record.
  • No Email — If no email was provided during registration, then the message will not be sent until one is entered into the Event Participant's Contact record.

Resend a Notification

 If the Event End Date is still in the past 7 days, change Event Participant record Attendee Message Sent field to False.

If the Event End Date is more than 7 days past, the Attendee Message Notification cannot be resent automatically, but can be sent manually making a selection of the desired Event Participants, launching the New Message Tool, and selecting the Attendee Message template.


Last Modified: 8/19/2020

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