Form Response

The Form Response Notification is sent to Contacts who have responded to a stand alone Custom Form.

  • Frequency: Every 15 minutes (this will depend on your individual schedule that was set up during Implementation).  Some are set up to run from 8 am - 6 pm Daily (Sun - Sat) while others may run 24 hrs.  Contact Support to check this schedule on your server or to change the schedule.
  • Recipients: Any Contact with Form Response and with the Notification Sent field set to No or Undefined.
  • From/Reply To: The Form Primary Contact. If the Primary Contact does not have a valid email address, it will use the From field on the Message Template.  If the Message Template does not have a valid email address, then it will use We recommend changing the Email Address on the Template.
  • Contents: An Form-specific email giving respondents additional information about the Form for which they have responded.
  • How to Stop: Remove the message from Response Message in the Custom Form record.
  • Method for sending: Platform
  • Logging in Messages: Recipients are logged. Form Response record will have True for Notification Sent.
  • Configuration Settings: None
  • Merge fields supported:
    Subject = [Nickname], [Form_Title]
    Body = [Nickname], [First_Name], [Last_Name], [Email_Address], [Mobile_Phone], [Form_Title]
  • Initial Configuration: Create a message and set it as the Response Message on the Form record.
  • Optional Configuration: None
  • Notes: The email used for responding on the Portal which is stored in Response record in the Email field (under website submission) will be used if present. Keep in mind it doesn't matter how the respondent was added to the Form. They will be sent this email if they have an email on file.

Custom Form Fields

When creating your Form, you can set up response emails using the following fields.

  • Response Message: Use this field to set an email to send to a respondent no matter how a person is added to an Form. As long as they have a Response, they will get an email with this message if one is applied to this field.

Form Response Fields

  • Notification Sent — tracks if the response email was sent. 
Other Notes
  • Message Templates — You can use the same Message template for various Form. Each Form does not have to have its own Message template, although it can if that level of customization is desired.
    • The Message does not have to be a template to be used.
    • Attachments are not sent with the Message. Send links to publicly downloadable files.
  • Default Contact — If the Form Response is assigned to Default Contact, the message will be sent to the email provided during response (the Email field (under website submission) of the Response record).
  • No Email — If no email was provided during response, then the message will not be sent until one is entered into the Respondent's Contact record.


Form Response Notification Not Sending

  • Submission time: Was the record submitted within the past 7 days?
  • Notification Sent: Is the Notification Sent field on the Response set to “No”? It must be in order to send.
  • Response Message: Does the Form have the Response Message field populated with the correct message? The message does not need to be a template.
  • Response record Email: Is the Email on the Response record, under Website Submission, a valid email address? Is the Response connected to the right Contact? Either a valid email address must be present on the Response record or the connected Contact record in order to be sent.
  • Standalone Form: Is the Form associated with an Event, Pledge Campaign or Opportunity? If so, the notification will not run.
  • DBMail: Verify that DBMail is flowing by sending a test from the server.
  • Email Provider: Verify your email provider does not have any issues, errors, or bounce.
  • SPAM: Has the receiver checked their SPAM folder?

Last Modified: 8/19/2020

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