Message Recap Notification

The Message Recap notification email is sent out to Message Authors twice after sending an email to more than 100 Recipients with details of the Action Status (Errors, Delivered, Delivered & Opened, etc).

This Notification is most useful in conjunction with SendGrid as it provides additional Action Status tracking and updates.
  • Frequency: Twice per Message. The two days* after the Message was sent.
  • Recipients: Message Author of the outgoing Message (with the qualified minimum number of Recipients determined by the MessageRecapMinimumRecipient Configuration Setting).
  • From/Reply To
  • Contents: An email summarizing the details of the Action Status (Errors, Delivered, Delivered & Opened, etc).
  • How to stop: Set SERVICES,MessageRecapNotificationMessageID Confiiguration Setting to 0.
  • Method for sending: Platform
  • Logging in Messages: Daily, template message is copied. Recipients are logged.
  • Configuration Settings:
  • Merge fields supported:
    • Subject & Body: [Subject]
    • Body only: [Nickname], [Date_Sent], [Current_Date_Time], [Message_URL], [Recipients], [Message_Recap]
  • Initial Configuration: None.
  • Optional Configuration: Modify the message template, if desired.
  • Notes
    • Message recap summarizes an individual Message. If you send multiple qualifying Messages, you will receive a separate recap for each.
    • *"Days" depends on when the message is sent and when your MP jobs run (typically ~5am).

Last Modified: 8/20/2020

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