Report & DB Updates: 2012 - August

Release Dates: Mid-Late August

Database Changes & Updates

  • Upon adding an “End Date” to a group record, a trigger will now update all group participants setting their “End Date” to the same date when that group participant’s end date was empty or set in the future.
  • Slight modifications to the check-in system search results:
    • Attended mode will now show the Contact and Household ID numbers
    • Future group participants will not show in the results.
    • LocalTime of the server will be used instead of local time of workstations to avoid Firefox related issues.
  • New configuration settings were added to make certain reports and views easier to configure.
    • SSRS:  GivingLevel: Giving Levels will answer questions like "How many donors gave at this level between two dates?”. You should have at least 2 levels, but more are acceptable. Change the values to suit your church.
    • SSRS: UnassignedDonorID: This is the Donor_ID value of the donor record used for donations that cannot be assigned to a real donor because there is not enough information to create or match a new donor record.
    • SSRS: CurrentProgramFilters: Set to "yes" to ensure report filters (parameters) for certain giving reports like “Donation Analysis” will list only current programs. Yes/No values only. 
    • SERVICES:  WeeklyPromotionByUpdate: Set to yes and weekly promotion will only change the group in which a child is listed. Set to no and the current group will be end-dated and an entirely new group participant record will be created in the new group. Yes/No values only.
    • COMMON: CutoverDate: The date your organization started to use MinistryPlatform. Input date in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Various views were updated to take advantage of the configuration values.
  • Room_ID and Group_ID have been added to the Event Participant record. Over time various applications will update values to these fields to provide additional historical information about attendance.
  • A routine will run with other weekly routines to assign Room and Group—when possible-- to recent event participant records.
  • The inactivate tool is now available on the participant's page.
  • Modified the “Users with Security Roles” view on the user's page to omit Think Ministry Inc. user accounts.
  • Added “Invoice Number” to the default field list of the Payments Page.
  • Programs.Statement_Header is now a required field.
  • Contacts.Bulk_Email_Opt_Out is consistent across all customers.
  • Promotion-related fields were added to the Groups page for the handful of churches that did not already have these.

Reports Updated

  • Various Donor Statement reports were improved so that:
    • Names printed on statements above the address are consistent for multi-page statements.
    • The male head of house name comes first consistently.
    • Improved Capital Campaign recap for multiple donor statements
  • Selected Household Facts:
    • Added Contact Log entries for all household members.
    • Deployed the report to all pages where a contact record is directly or indirectly available.
  • Process Selected Payments: Added Invoice Number.
  • Donation Analysis (group by account number, appending account number to program name)
  • Selected Contact Household Donations: Added more filters, more output options, and the ability to include soft credit donations.
  • Selected Donor Donation Listing: Added more filters, improved multi-select for programs.

New Reports

  • Donors page: Giving Band Analysis. Leverage the new “GivingBand” configuration settings values to see facts about giving by donors based upon their level of giving between two dates.
  • Donors page: Giving Band Export. Leverage the new “GivingBand” configuration settings values to export summary data about donors based upon their level of giving between two dates.
  • Groups page: Groups Selected Parent Email List. Export the names and emails for the heads of household for selected groups.  Print a distinct list of email addresses or a list for each group member including the class to which they will be promoted.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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