Report & DB Updates: 2012 - Oct

Release Dates: Mid-Late October

Database Changes & Updates

    • New Database Table/Page: Scheduled Donations for use with the ACH Tool.
      • Donor_ID handled in Combine Contact Routine.
  • New Database Table/Page: Contact Staging for use during data migration/bulk loading.
    • Contact_ID handled in Combine Contact Routine.
  • New Routine: Households Changes
    • Will update a read-only field on _Last_Donation (date) on Household Page if a church desires this.
    • Will update a read-only field _Last_Activity (date) on Households Page.
    • Learn how to take configure this routine here.
  • New Routine: Combine Donor Accounts
    • Will combine donor accounts when routing number, account number and donor_ID are the same values.
    • This routine will only be run as needed. It can be scheduled to run nightly upon request.
  • View Updated: Double Booked on Room Requests page.
  • View Updated: Available Rooms on Rooms Page.
  • View Updated: Available Equipment on Equipment Page.
  • View Updated: Events Page view titled “This Month” updated to exclude prior year same month events from showing.
  • View Updated: Batches Page view titled “Empty Batches” updated to perform better.
  • New Index: Index added to Batch_ID on Donations table.
  • Sub Page Field List Updated: Rooms Sub Page Under Event Record added “approved” column.
  • Sub Page Field List Updated: Equipment Sub Page Under Event Record added “approved” column.
  • Sub Page Field List: Servicing Sub Page Under Event Record added “approved” column
  • Trigger Created: On Events to keep “Auto Approve” room requests in sync with approval status of the event.
  • Link Navigation updated on Contact Attribute sub-pages to navigate to Contact Attribute record.
  • New Database field: Domain_ID added to dp_Communication_Contacts table to allow updating through the API and for the future creation of an “All Contacts Communications”.
  • Grant rights to Administrators and Event Manager to view “Answers” sub-page in Event Participant.
  • Grant rights to Administrators and Event Manager to view “Answers” sub-page in Form Response.
  • New Database Field: Added a new bit field on Events Page “On Donation Batch Tool” will enable that event to accept donations during Donation Batch Tool entry. This replaces the “Stewardship Project” event type.
  • New Page View: Added "On Donation Batch Tool" view to the Events page.
  • New Database Fields applied to MP churches installed prior to 2011.
    • Auto_Approve bit field on Rooms Table.
  • Deprecated Fields No Longer Visible in MP:
    • Event_Rooms.Start_Time_Offset
    • Event_Rooms.End_Time_Offset
    • Event_Equipment.Start_Time_Offset
    • Event_Equipment.End_Time_Offset
    • Event_Equipment.Event_Room_ID

Reports Updated

  • Label & Mail Merge Reports will now show full postal code.
  • Selected Program Donors & Donations no longer show country if it is United States.
  • Data Quality Report (fixed title)
  • Procedure Manual (fixed title)
  • Page Information (fixed title)
  • User Permissions (fixed formatting)
  • Tasks Incomplete (fixed formatting)
  • Process Selected Payments (fixed formatting)

New Reports

  • Trim My Selection: Remove records from your Contacts or Participants page selection based on gender, household position, contact status, group participation and much more!
  • Selected Program Household Giving (formerly known as “Household Giving by Year” for some databases).

New Report Available Upon Request

  • Process Selected Payments to Shelby v5

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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