Report & DB Updates: 2012 - Dec

Release Dates: Mid December

Database Changes & Updates

  • New Event Sub Pages
    • Opportunities:  Create opportunities to go with an event from an open event record.
    • Opportunity Responses: View responses from a FUTURE portal page related specifically to this event.
  • Renamed the Sub Page “Responses” under an open Event record to “Form Responses”.
  • Renamed the Sub Page “Direct Messages” under open Contact record to “Message Log”.
  • Removed “new/add” on Direct Messages (now Message Log) from all security roles for this sub-page since data is added through New Message tool.
  • Deprecated Sub Page “Sub Events” under an open Event record. Sub page hidden from all security roles.  In 2013 this sub-page will be removed from future MinistryPlatform implementations.
  • New Group Sub Page titled “Rooms” where specific rooms used by the group, in ANY event can be listed to limit the scope of rooms shown in Classroom Manager.
  • New User Sub Page titled “Congregations Allowed” where specific congregations can be listed so that users can interact with data from that congregation only in the Donation Batch Tool.
  • New Field Added: “Statement Letter” field on Accounting Companies. This will be used on future statement formats.
  • Field Renamed: Programs.Available_Online to Progams.Accept_Online_Donations
  • Security Role Renamed:  “Stewardship Donation Processin” becomes “Stewardship Donation Processor”.
  • Lookup value renamed: ”Tax Deductible” Program Type to "Donation Only" program type.
  • New Configuration Values:
    • New "SSRS" config value for DefaultAccountingProject.
    • New "Common" config value for when background checks expire.
  • Configuration Value renamed: removed @ from @WeeklyPromotionByUpdate. 

Reports Updated

  • Selected Household Facts: removed from groups page
  • Selected Donor Letter: added spouse name
  • Trim My Selection: fixed issue with removing individuals based on Age Range. Enhanced so this can be used on the Donors Page.
  • Donation Analysis: Added Accounting Company drop-down
  • Find Donors: Added Accounting Company Parameter
  • Selected Household Donations: Print Spouse Name option added.  Improved Soft Credit handling.  HTML Support Added
  • Selected Donation Letter: HMTL support added
  • Process Selected Payments: Formatting improved
  • Several Donor Statement Reports were optimized to run faster.

New Reports

  • Selected Contact Demographics: View pie charts for age groups, zip codes, marital status, participant types and much more for any selection of contact records on over 25 pages.
  • Selected Contact Dashboard: View a comprehensive, one-page dashboard for a contact.
  • Donor Stmt: 3 Column With Letter: Print a personalized cover letter before each statement.
  • Donation Analysis Soft Credit: If your church applies "Soft Credit" to select Distributions this report will assist you in finding out who gave and how much was given between two dates to one or more programs that was recorded as soft credit.
  • Find Soft Credit Donors: If your church applies "Soft Credit" to select Distributions this report will assist you in building a list of donors who were given soft credit between two dates to one or more programs.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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