Report & DB Updates: 2013 - March

Release Dates: Early March

Database Changes & Updates

  • Three new Page Views were added to the Contacts page and assigned to the data quality team:
    • Fix 2 Donor Records
    • Fix 2 Participant Records
    • Fix 2 User Records
  • Trigger added to responses table so that when a response record is saved with the value of “Placed” in the Response Result the participant will be automatically added to the group and/or event listed in the “Add to Group” and “Add to Event” fields of the corresponding Opportunity record.
  • New database fields on “Event Participants” page in preparation for portal enhancements:
    • Group_Role_ID
    • Response_ID
  • New database fields on Pledge Campaigns page in preparation for the new Make a Pledge page to be added to the Portal:
    • Allow_Online_Pledge (bit)
    • Online_Thank_You_Message (varchar(255))
    • Pledge_Beyond_End_Date (bit)
  • New database fields on various pages in preparation for the new Mission Trip Registrations page to be added to the Portal.
    • Pledge_Campaigns.Registration_Form
    • Form_Responses.Pledge_Campaign_ID
    • Form_Response_Answers.Pledge_ID
  • Group/Room Attended routine enhanced to update “Group_Role_ID” as well.
  • Duplicate Finder routine updated to prevent identifying records in different domains as duplicates.
  • Out-of-Balance Page views on Donations and Batches pages have been updated to prevent an issue if an SQL function was not in ALL CAPS.
  • Duplicate records found in the Invoice_Statuses table have been combined.
  • MinistryPlatform churches installed before 2012 had an unused Congregation_History table that was never put into production. This table was deleted when empty.

Reports Updated

    • Campaign Selected Donor Summary – Updated to include only batched donations.
    • Combine Contacts – Update to prevent review of contacts in separate domains.
    • Donor Stmt: 3 column – Enhanced to improve the description for non-cash donations when split between two or more distributions.
    • Donor Stmt - Update to filter by accounting companies and to optionally show capital campaign pledge balance.
    • Donor Stmt: Selected - Update to filter by accounting companies and for printing multi-page statements separately.
    • Envelope File – Improved the performance of the underlying stored procedure making it more consistent with current best practices.
    • Groups Selected Last Attended
      • Corrected a sorting issue on date last attended column.
      • Updated to allow results without setting a congregation or a program.
    • Selected Contact Facts – Updated to improve the sort order of records listed in this report.
    • Selected Event Campaign Donations – Updated to suppress “United States” when present in the “Foreign Country” field of the address record.
    • Selected Feedback Digest – Enhanced with a new sort order parameter that allows sorting by date of feedback entry.
    • Trim My Selection
      • Users can remove individuals with or without a participant type.
      • Users can remove individuals in or not in a particular congregation.
    • Various reports with a Program filter have been updated so the sort list of programs will be alphabetical by Program Name.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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