Report & DB Updates: 2013 - August

Release Dates: August 13-15, 2013

Database and Setup Changes

  • Added a “Last Attended” field to the Participants sub-page of an open group record.
  • Contact Log Page: “All records” view updated adding “Planned Contact Title” and “Contact Successful” fields.
  • Contact Attributes Page: “All records” view updated adding “Attribute Type” as well as moving Display Name to the first column to simplify searching on attributes associated with companies as well as improve sorting.
  • Renamed “All Event Services” to “Service Reservations”.
  • The “Programs” page is now listed under the “Stewardship” Page section as well as the “Ministries & Groups” page section.
  • Ministries Page: “All Records” view updated adding “Primary Contact”, Parent Ministry”, and “Available Online.”
  • Households Care Log Page: “All Records” view updated to avoid an issue when using new message tool.
  • Users Page: “All Records” view updated to add “In Recovery”.
  • Attendance Sub Page of an open Group Participant record: “All Records” view updated adding event start date, time confirmed, and time out.
  • Re-ordered Deposits Page moving “Deposit Name” up (all churches affected).
  • Re-ordered Groups Page moving “On Classroom Manager” up (all churches affected).
  • Re-ordered Ministries Page moving “End Date”, “Parent Ministry”, and “Primary Contact” up. Moved Priority_ID down (2012 and earlier churches affected).
  • Re-ordered Programs Page moving “On Connection Card” up. (2012 and earlier churches affected).

Security Role Changes

  • Granted full rights over the “Service Reservations”, “Equipment Reservations” & “Room Reservations” pages to the “Event Management Team” security role.
  • Granted Full rights over the “Form Responses” sub-page of the Events page to the “Administrators” security role.
  • Granted Full rights over the “Answers” sub-page of the Event Participants, Pledge, and Responses pages to the “Administrators” security role.
  • Granted Full rights over the “Fields” sub-page of the Forms page to the “Administrators” security role.
  • Removed ability for any security role to delete users, contacts, donors, participants.  This is now strictly a function of the Combine Contacts tool.
  • Removed ability for any security role to delete security roles
  • Created a separate “Portal Content Manager” security role and put all Administrators into this role.  Updated the Portal configuration setting related to this function.

New Reports

  • Donor Giving Band Summary: Report on donors by category with information about giving by age group, city, giving levels (bands).  Giving Levels can be adjusted in Configuration Settings.
  • Planned Contact Listing: View the planned contacts assigned to a particular user that have not yet been completed.
  • Pledge Campaign Statement: Prints all donations by all donors to a campaign over the entire life of the campaign.
  • Pledge Campaign Statement – Selected: Prints all donations by selected donors to a campaign over the entire life of the campaign.
  • Selected Batch Congregation Mismatch: Report on donations by batch where the congregation associated with the person is different from the one to which the donation was credited.
  • Selected Publication Subscriber Export: Export the contact information for each person associated with a selected publication.
  • Selected Publication Household Export: Export the contact information for each household associated with a selected publication.

Reports Updated

  • Donation Analysis: Optimized to return results much faster. Fixed an issue with the report width to prevent extra pages from printing. Added the ability to perform a multi-select on the Statement Header parameter.
  • Donor Giving Band Analysis: Improved sorting.
  • Donor Giving Band Export: Added two new columns, improved sorting, added an option to export donor name.
  • Double Booked Rooms: Updated Stored Procedure to handle null value in room number field.
  • Envelope File Report updated to better handle spouses with different last names.
  • Find Donors: Updated so that Statement Header is a multi-select parameter. Improved performance and formatting.
  • Find Donors Export: Updated so that Statement Header is a multi-select parameter. Improved performance and formatting.
  • Major Donors: Added filters for accounting company, congregation, statement header, and program.  Added options to include an address, an extra line, and control the sort. Improved formatting and performance.
  • Selected Contact Group Involvement: Added the ability to filter the list to individuals and group roles that required a background check and/or are expired. Color coded these rows. Provided the ability to turn color coding off. Added a note to the end of the report explaining the color coding.
  • Selected Contact Letter: Updated to prevent an error if the “Letter Body” field is null.
  • Selected Directory – Household: Updated with a parameter to honor contact’s preferences regarding unlisted phones, email, and directory inclusion.
  • Selected Event Participants List: added the ability to multi-select on participation status. Added the ability to decide which phone will print.
  • Selected Group Roster Parent Info: made the individual’s name bold. Added the ability to print the Group Participant Notes field under the individual’s name.
  • Selected Labels:  Added the ability to include an optional first line like “To the Parents of”.

Page Views and Sub Page Views Added

  • Three new page views added to the Background Checks page dealing specifically with individuals in groups with a role that is set as “background check required” = “yes”.
    • Required: Valid
    • Required: About to Expire
    • Required: Expired
  • One new page view added to the Users page called “In Recovery” to show user accounts where the password has yet to be reset by a user who has used the Portal’s Forgot Password feature.
  • Two new Sub Page Views added to the “People” sub-page of the Attributes Page for older customers.
    • Current Attributes
    • Past Attributes
  • One new Sub Page View added to the “To: Contacts” sub-page of the Message record. Can be used to create a selection of contacts whose did not get an email delivered if the New Message process is interrupted.

Updated Nightly Routines

  • Weekly promotion has been updated improving the calculation for “months of age”. Specifically, a change was made in dbo.service_promote_weekly.

General Database Changes

  • Modified a trigger on the Events table which changes the title if you cancel the event. The change to this trigger will prevent an error if the event title plus “***Cancelled***” is more than 50 characters. The impacted trigger is: [dbo].[tr_event_cancelled]
  • Dropped a few deprecated stored procedures no longer used by any applications.
    • [dbo].[api_CheckIn2_GetCheckInMatches]
    • [dbo].[api_CheckIn2_GetCheckInMatchesByFirstNameLastName]
    • [dbo].[api_CheckIn2_GetCheckInMatchesByHouseholdID]
    • [dbo].[api_CheckIn2_GetCheckInMatchesByLastName]
    • [dbo].[api_CheckIn2_GetCheckInMatchesByPhone]
    • [dbo].[report_Contacts_Without_Email]
  • Made the following fields on dp_Pages table required:  Selected Record Expression, Default Field List, SystemTable
  • Changed the data type of the following field: Event_Rooms.Notes
  • Increased the length of dp_Users.Display_Name to 75 characters from 50 to be consistent with Contacts.Display_Name
  • Increased the length of Contact_Attributes.Notes to Varchar(2000)
  • Ministries.Priority_ID is no longer a required field
  • Ministries.Primary_Contact is now a required field
  • Non-clustered Index added to Event_Participants.Group_Participant_ID
  • Non-clustered index added to dp_Audit_Detail.Audit_Item_ID

General Setup Area Changes

  • Address Page: Selected Record expression updated to handle any null values
  • Activity Log Sub Page of the Participant record:  Changed Relation_Type_ID to 3 and Filter_Key to Contact_ID.  The field Activity_Log.Participant_ID is now deprecated.
  • Programs Page was updated so that the Pick List View is set equal to the same view that is currently in the Default View.

Configuration Page Changes

  • Improved the value and description of the NewUserContactNotFoundMessage Portal key.

Report Stored Procedures Created or Updated

  • dbo.report_Batches_Selected_Congregation_Mismatch
  • dbo.report_Contact_Log_Listing
  • dbo.report_Contacts_Selected
  • dbo.report_Contacts_Selected_Household_Directory
  • dbo.report_Contacts_Selected_Involvement
  • dbo.report_Contacts_Selected_Letter
  • dbo.report_Donation_Analysis
  • dbo.report_Donor_Donations
  • dbo.report_Donor_Giving_Bands
  • dbo.report_Donor_Search
  • dbo.report_Envelope_File
  • dbo.report_Event_Double_Booked
  • dbo.report_Event_Selected_Event_Participants
  • dbo.report_filter_participation_statuses
  • dbo.report_filter_planned_contacts
  • dbo.report_filter_programs_donations_multi_stmt_header
  • dbo.report_filter_statement_headers
  • dbo.report_Groups_Selected_Roster_Parent_Info
  • dbo.report_Pledge_Campaign_Statement
  • dbo.report_Publication_Household_Subscribers
  • dbo.report_Publication_Selected_Subscribers
  • dbo.report_Value_Letter

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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