Report & DB Updates: 2013 - September

Release Dates: September 3-5, 2013

Updated Stored Procedures

  • api_CheckIn2_GetGroupsByActivity - Ensures that only groups related to the selected event are visible on the "add/edit family member" page in Check-In 2.
  • api_MPP_GetGroups - Ensures that the Group Finder's search results will display groups in all eligible group types.
  • api_MPP_GetParentGroups - Ensures that all eligible Parent Groups display on the Group Finder's drop-down list. 
  • api_MPP_GetMeetingParticipants - Applies a fix for a server error that occurs on the my_group_meeting.aspx page on the Portal when an Event Participant has a status of "03 - Attended" but does not have a "Time In" value.
  • dp_GetUserCommunications - Applies a fix that ensures users will only see messages sent to them on Home -> My Messages

Updated Routines

  • service_Household_Updates - Updates households with a null congregation or household source

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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